For Honor Lost Over Half of Its Playerbase in Its First Two Weeks on Steam

GitHyp: " Ubisoft's New Multiplayer IP Following in the Footsteps of The Division"

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corroios230d ago

damn that high. Maybe to many trolls that have no Honor.

Aeery230d ago

For Honor is a really good game, but you need some commitment to unlock the full potential.

And btw, losing a playerbase it's super common for the majority of the games.

Kreisen230d ago

Yeah you dont see it mentioned all too often that every title loses over half its playerbase within the first month. Most people only play games for a little while before they move on.
Same thing with story driven SP games, statistics show on average only about 40% actually play through the whole game. Take Mass Effect 3 for example, 46% finished the game so eventhough there was alot of complaining about the ending most never even saw it.

GottaBjimmyb230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

It is fine, but they added pay to play with the gear in the game, that completely unbalance the game SEVERELY.

InMyOpinion229d ago

The biggest reason is that the netcode and matchmaking sucks, especially for PC gamers.

MagUk230d ago

It's had a lot of sever down time, when I brought it just over a week a go I couldn't get into the single player campaign as the servers were down. But other than that I've been loving the game.

spaceb0y230d ago

It is damn exciting to play this... and then you get bored after a few days.

PapaBop230d ago

It's steep learning curve will have put off a lot of people, instead of putting the effort in to improve, many will likely just throw in the towel instead. On top of that though there is just so many damn games out already this year. I love For Honor and reckon it'll be a game I'll regularly be going back to but Nioh, Horizon, Zelda, Nier and soon Mass Effect.. so many amazing games with limited time to play them all.

Cmv38230d ago

I threw in the towel during the beta.

game4funz230d ago

The PC steam playerbase that constantly play games like Dota and Counter Strike that both have steep learning curves and repetition proves that its not the learning curve for the PC base thats the problem. Its probably something about the game that either gets boring after a bit or is a pain.

agent4532230d ago

Could it be the tack on microtransanctions, lack of mod support, no lan play, very few online game modes. Server outages don't help either.

game4funz230d ago

Exactly what I am thinking.

InMyOpinion229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

Although the microtransactions won't save you from getting owned by better players, no matter what gear level you are. Also it only applies in Dominion. Then again, the matchmaking doesn't take into account gear level or class level, which it should, since I like playing Dominion.

Aeery230d ago

Hive mind : Always shit on Ubisoft.

2pacalypsenow230d ago

That's because Ubisoft shits on gamers with their broken games.

Major_Glitch230d ago

Ubisoft has kinda earned the public's scorn. They have a lot of good ideas, but their execution is always half-assed. There's a good reason why their games don't win GOTY.

UltraNova230d ago

Actually Ubi deserves this. Major glitch is right, their new games might be abitious but they are always lacking. They should take a note from Guerilla Games on how to make a new IP.

samden230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

People are probably shitting on Ubi because the For Honor servers have gone down like 6 times since launch. They were down for the entirety of its second weekend.

Allsystemgamer230d ago

Yea the hate is justified. Look what they've done to ghost recon.

They turned a pseudo arcadey Arma into a shallow just cause wanna be.

JackBNimble229d ago

I. Think the only thing ubi has done really well is rocksmith and that really isn't a game anyway.
Ghost is crap just like everything else.

InMyOpinion229d ago

Watch Dogs 2 is great. Wildlands seems solid too. But For Honor and The Division could have been handled (way) better. Still really good games at the core, nerfed by sh*tty netcode and matchmaking.

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