The Ultimate Console War: How Sony Beat Nintendo and Sega at Their Own Game

It might be hard to believe it now, but there was a time when Sony was something of a laughing stock in the video gaming world.

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Apocalypse Shadow645d ago (Edited 645d ago )

Revenge is never something you should seek. But it's definitely a great motivator.

Sony saw Nintendo's focus on family and the youth while having many third party supporters. And Sega's focus on doing what Nintendon't. As they did offer more mature themes in games and even blood and dismemberment. Even 3D in the arcades that made AM teams powerhouses.

Sony looked and thought to themselves on why they should try to market to the same base of gamers. And decided to go for the gamers who are now much older. That grew up on Nintendo and Sega but wanted more. And the side effect would be little brothers and sisters falling in line and want what the older siblings have.

They took Nintendo's third party dominance and Sega's 3D dominance and used it against them while targeting 17-34 year olds. And it worked surprisingly. Leaving egg on many a face.

644d ago