Four Years On - Mass Effect 3's Ending Is Still Disappointing

ScreenCritics Shaun revisits 'Mass Effect 3' four years after its release, discussing why it was such a hard take for gamers.

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andrewsquall380d ago

Err Mass Effect 3 launched in March 2012. So 5 years ago. Think I'm done reading this if you screwed THAT up.

OrangePowerz380d ago

People are still going on about that? Yes it wasn't the best ending, get over it. It's not like it was the worst ever.

380d ago
CorndogBurglar380d ago

Did they think it would stop being disappointing?

Mr Scooch380d ago

I was amazed at the reaction that the ending got. It wasn't the greatest, but equally it wasn't the worst I've known. For people to come out and insist that it was changed was both ludicrous and laughable

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