Xbox One Boss Would Love To Work With Remedy Entertainment Again

Phil Spencer recently spoke about working with Remedy Entertainment and his thoughts about possibly doing so again on a future project.

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Godmars290648d ago

So he's not actively talking to them now?

GtR35olution648d ago

Remedy wasted 10 years making quality titles that failed on the xbox because their games arent meant to be exclusive on the xbox.

vega275648d ago (Edited 648d ago )

Alan wake did well on xbox 360. So what are you talking about. Cause it didn't sell call of duty number doesn't mean it failed. But we can also apply your logic to many games that didn't do well on the PlayStation also..... right? How's those sales for street fighter 5 going? Huh

lelo2play648d ago (Edited 648d ago )

Alan Wake didn't fail... and Remedy games weren't exclusive to Xbox. They were also released on the PC.
As for Quantum Break, yep, it probably flopped on Xbox and PC... which doesn't mean it would had succeed if released on PS4.

Tell me something, do you think The Last Guardian flopped on PS4 after 10 years in development?

Lennoxb63647d ago

What about all of the Japanese devs that are waisting there time on PS? Bunch of games from there on the PS store that have barely been touched.

FITgamer647d ago

Quantum Break was mediocre game, exclusive or not.

moegooner88647d ago (Edited 647d ago )

@Lelo depends on the size of the team, and the money involved. TLG had a rather small team working on it, same for lots of other Japanese titles. Meaning, the game has to sell moderately to turn in a profit. This isn't usually the case with western developers. QB costed a lot to develop and hence the pressure to sell more copies.

blitz0623647d ago

Because the only country in the world is USA

-Foxtrot647d ago (Edited 647d ago )

Alan Wake was really good but I don't really think Quantum Break was

The spent too many resource and time on the live action crap that the actual gameplay suffered. It's sad to hear they are looking into multiplayer and co-op games now as it'll just get worse for them.

Noskypeno647d ago

Foxtrot, NaughtyDog makes multi and coop games, should we be worried about them as well. Maybe its a good sign considering that multiplayer games need good gameplay mechanics, so if they also throw in a single player without dedication towards creating a new medium that QB was trying to do then it'll be all right.

Godmars290647d ago

Thought it wasn't so much about JP devs wasting time on the PS, but migrating to iOS because they can't handle console game production costs. That the ones still sticking around are both looking market share, seeing the Xbox at a 1-2 disadvantage, and possibly having to consider online mandates and just going with the console of least resistance.

Last gen when the 360 lead it was as much because the PS3 was hard to develop for as MS was presenting more openness. This time around they've gone from trying to dictate terms for consumers and devs both, to insisting multiple platform support while pushing a one-platform agenda. That's added costs many JP devs just don't want to bother with.

ItMatters647d ago (Edited 647d ago )

Like street fighter 5 on ps4 and only selling 300,000 copies ?. Quantum break did good.

Silly gameAr647d ago (Edited 647d ago )


It's funny how you had to drag The Last Guardian into this.

Alan Wake didn't do well on xbox? bu bu bu what about the PS games that didn't do well? Ha, take that! So petty.

Godmars290647d ago

Just going to leave this here...

"Greenberg doesn't ever quantify Quantum Break's success with a specific figure, either for sales or Microsoft's expectations."

Godmars290647d ago

@Silly gameAr (or lelo2play):
The issue here is that expectation for QB for being successful were as overblown by fans out of blind loyalty for the Xbox brand, just as MS made the game such a big deal. It wasn't just a third person shooter after all, but example and entry into a new media format between video game and interactive TV aimed at rewriting game and TV industry. By the time the hype train derailed and it came out as a TPS with a time gimmick and semi-interactive live action segment movie, people had talked up those same segments into ongoing episodes streamed onto XBL.

Now compare that a third game by a dev who had made two others with similar feeling themes which had built a fan following. Sony never hinted at rewriting anything, just keeping a promise to those fans.

Yes SF5 face-planted after Capcom put circuit pro-gaming before the general market, where exhausting just revived goodwill and interest in fighting games and got rightly smacked for it right along with Sony for the exclusive BS, but no one was saying they'd reinvented sliced bread only to dump the steaming and underwhelming load which QB became.

_-EDMIX-_647d ago

What do you expect if they can't actually afford it?

What if they don't want to give away that type of creative freedom for funding? We don't really know their specific situation

Vasto647d ago

Yea, go ahead and stick your head in the sand and act like Quantum Break got quality reviews.

lodossrage647d ago


to be fair, The Last Guardian's development cycle wasn't ten years. It was ten years until it actually released. But it wasn't in active development all that time. Sony even admitted as much already.

andrewsquall647d ago

@vega275 No it didn't. It took almost a year for Alan Wake to sell 1 million units on 360. Do you want to know what DID do well on 360. Sniper Ghost Warrior launched a month later and took about 4 weeks to sell 1 million units. The 360 fanbase really showing their diverse gaming habits there. It also says a lot that Alan Wake was the last quailty 360 exclsuive/PC game to come to the console since it was pretty much Fable, Halo, Forza, Gears here on out, oh and garbage GARBAGE Kinect games.

You are right about Street Fighter V by the way. Just like SF IV, I never touched SF V. Do you think just because something is exclusive to our console we have to praise it blindly like you and Alan Wake??? I never even touched Bloodborne since I have yet to play Demons Souls or any other souls games (all of which, even the exclusive ones, have sold millions).

Now that isn't saying that Alan Wake failed either but there is no reason it really needed to be exclusive to Xbox since it was touted as a "VISTA OS EXCLUSIVE" back in 2005 lol. The 6 years it took to make Quantum Break too did not justify the mediocrity it turned out to be, selling to a smaller userbase didn't do it any more favours either.

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jokerisalive647d ago

He should have been working with them as well as Insomniac when they said last year they were ready to do a SO sequel but hadnt heard ANYTHING from bad as they need gaes SO 2 should have been locked down by them immediately once Insomniac told them they were ready to make the sequel. Its this kind of stumbling that makes MS look bad with their desire to promote and push new games imo.

MrSec84647d ago

Insomniac moved on to develop Spider-Man basically immediately after finishing Sunset Overdrive, R&C also seems to have have achieved greater critical industry acclaim and sales than Sunset Overdrive, so it's more likely that they'd devote any spare resources to the next R&C game on PS4 or use those resources to plan for the next Spider-Man game, as the IG deal covers more than one Marvel/Sony exclusive.

Insomniac have said that Spider-Man uses the largest production team ever for one of their games, while it's possible a great deal of that likely includes outsourcing asset production they may not have the development resources to start making another Sunset Overdrive game right now.

I don't think IG bothered approaching Microsoft for SO2 because they were more interested in making Spider-Man, R&C and their smaller projects.
The studio only have so much internal talent to make the games they're into making.

Raiden646d ago

People are listening but not hearing, Phil IS still working with Remedy, he just will not say anything about until whatever project/ip they are working is almost complete, Phil will never make another announcement again until he is happy with the progress of whatever working title, he wants to avoid any repeat of SCALEBOUND, that how I understood his message, I could be wrong.

XXanderXX647d ago (Edited 647d ago )

I say buy or get a nice 3-5 game contract for XBox family , while making sure all games during this deal are priority and for Xbox . One more thing the QB.and AW IPs should be for purchased just to guarantee exclusivety.

annoyedgamer647d ago

Alan Wake 2 should be the next project.

TheCommentator647d ago

Maybe they'll announce a new partnership with Remedy at E3... which SHOULD be Alan Wake 2.