For Honor Review: Focused Yet Limited - Two Left Sticks

For Honor aims to give an intense 3D fighting experience and they deliver. Two Left Sticks explores the strengths, weaknesses, and limits of the experience.

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ian86413d ago

Glad to see that elements of the game turned out well. I just wonder how Ubi will proceed moving forward since For Honor is a bit more open compared to their recent titles which have followed the games as service model.

Jared8Randall413d ago

What they focused on was excellent; the problem is they may not have done enough with it. Def makes for a solid and consistent experience, but one we might get bored of in the next few months

Skaymore413d ago

Such a unique concept for a game. I really wanna try this out, but I just got a Switch, so not any time soon

Jared8Randall413d ago

Best fighter I've played, which is how I would categorize it even though it's like 3rd person action. I guess the beauty is that it's sometimes so new aand well done that it's somewhat difficult to categorize

GorillaTact412d ago

I haven't heard what it is decidedly called, it is good enough to be defined as a new genre imo

412d ago