CD Projekt Red Draws Geralt High Fiving Aloy, and We Need This Crossover Now

Since Horizon Zero Dawn's release earlier this week, gamers have been taken in with the game. CD Projekt Red even drew Geralt giving Aloy some love.

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joab777650d ago

Geralt ain't afraid to look like a fool for a redhead!

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yeahright2650d ago

@shin, now buy the roach dlc, just $4.99!

joab777650d ago

And Cyberpunk 2077 is supposed to be much bigger and better

starchild649d ago

This is what I like to see. I have massive respect for both teams. They crafted two of the most engrossing, gorgeous and enjoyable game worlds I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

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UCForce651d ago

Not suprise, but HZD did have some Witcher 3 developers. I'm happy about that.

mike32UK650d ago

I did not know that! Nice little bit of info there :)

Sevir650d ago

Yeah, they hired 7 People from CDP Red who worked on Witcher 3

Relientk77651d ago

Both these games are such masterpieces

mike32UK650d ago

I have never been much of a fan of RPG's. I bought The Witcher 3 out of interest, and whilst I could absolutely understand why people do love it and I wholeheartedly appreciated and felt all of the love that the devs poured into the game (even down to the thank you note in the game case), It just wasn't for me for some reason. I feel like HZD is an "accessible RPG" & I'm overjoyed with it so far. Haven't had this much fun with a game in months! Everything from the controls and crafting to the visuals and sound design are all wayyyy above your average AAA. What a great time to be a gamer

fingazblank650d ago

I'm with you on that. I brought it for the PC, loved the packaging and goodies inside, great game run like a dream but like you it just wasn't for me. I hope cyberpunk is more me, if not i'll still buy it just to check it out, like i did with the witcher 3. What they do goes along way and wins the hearts of the masses of video game fans.

Bathyj650d ago

No. I dont want that guy trying to screw me. It already made me uncomfortable that one jerk that was hitting on me before the Proving.

TheGoodestBoi650d ago

Omg I just finished that part. Now I now how women feel when randoms try hit on them lol!

Bathyj650d ago

I was like back off dude. No means no.

UltraNova650d ago (Edited 650d ago )

Its good to see you guys getting in touch with your feminine side lol

TheGoodestBoi650d ago (Edited 650d ago )

Haha that guy was so awkward, and vain I felt like twisting his nuts off. I dont want women or anyone to view me like I have that guy! Guerilla games: transforminh thirsty single gamer dudes into emphatic gentlemen.

moegooner88650d ago

I liked the attention. Come on judge me.

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The story is too old to be commented.