Revisiting: 'Infamous Second Son' (2013)

ScreenCritics Claudiu revisits one of the PlayStation 4's early offerings - 'Infamous Second Son'. Does it hold up several years later?

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PhoenixUp569d ago

You know this wasn't a PS4 launch title right? It came out in 2014, not 2013

PhoenixUp569d ago

The title and the article still incorrectly say it came out in 2013 though

crazychris4124569d ago

Just started an evil playthrough last night and already be at it as a hero when I first got my Pro so it definitely holds up. Just annoying having to sit through cutscenes when on a 2nd run.

Takwin569d ago

Did the same recently. Although I enjoy short cutscenes. We're talking Metal Gear here, so it's fine. Evil felt more like how it "should" be, even though I originally thought he was naturally good. Maybe we find out if there is ever a 4th one?

Make sure to play First Light as well. Neon is just great.

Knushwood Butt569d ago

Yet to play SS but did enjoy First Light.

Takwin569d ago

Just replayed this last week for the first time since launch. Played it on the PS4 Pro on a 65" Samsung KS8000 (upgrade from an old Sammy 50" plasma), and 4K and HDR take a game that looked amazing at the time and improves it noticeably.

Game itself is still loads of fun. Did the evil playthrough this time, and it actually felt more like canon to me.

ninsigma569d ago (Edited 569d ago )

Thought this was a very fun game. The animations were noticeably awesome in this title. I never liked the infamous series but I really enjoyed this one.

Edit: Fixed autocorrect

georeo569d ago

The same for me... I couldn't get into the first two games, but second son I beaten 3 times, plus I enjoyed first light also.

ninsigma569d ago

Nice. I did a good and evil play through which is a rare thing for me to do. First light was also great.

LoveSpuds569d ago

Really under appreciated title in my opinion, I had such a good time with it when it released. While not as good as the earlier Infamous titles and despite a kind of unlikeable protagonist, I think the game is still a cracker with fantastic production values and brilliant game play.

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The story is too old to be commented.