Peter Moore Set To Leave EA For Liverpool Football Club

Peter Moore’s tenure at the heart of EA is seemingly coming to an end. Often seen fronting EA’s E3 conference, he will soon be moving to one of England’s biggest football clubs.   In a surprise move, Moore will become Liverpool F.C’s new CEO.

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PixelGateUk659d ago

He's a local lad with a good resume, all the luck to him!

G20WLY659d ago (Edited 659d ago )

He's a twat in my opinion, glad he's leaving gaming.

Death659d ago

Having had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Moore I can wholeheartedly disagree with your opinion. He is very down to earth and has always been passionate about gaming from Sega to Microsoft and of course EA. You don't meet many people that are as genuine as he is.

Femto659d ago

he's the head of EA so of course he's gonna get blind hate. if you know anything about him you know that he's a cool ass dude.

Knushwood Butt659d ago

Can never forget him coming to Tokyo for the launch of the 360 and arrogantly claiming the system would be number 1 in Japan.

An approach that was ill-advised then, and the rest is history. The aftermath being that MS dug their own grave and resulted in the XBone being an unprecedented disaster in Japan (360 actually did quite well for a while, until RROD)

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darthv72659d ago

Going from EA (who makes sports games) to heading up a sports team... i guess that is art imitating life or life imitating art. I can never remember the right phrase.

PixelGateUk659d ago

To be fair, he has worked at Rebook in the past

darthv72659d ago

okay... went from working at Reebok (who makes sports shoes) to working for Sega then MS and then EA (a company that makes sports games) to now being the head of a sports team.

WhoCaresWhatMyNameIs659d ago


Do you always have to hate on everyone and everything? You seriously need help.

Anyway best of luck to Peter Moore. Honestly what a career he has so far

darthv72659d ago

@whocares... I'm sorry but hating on what? I find it cool that he wants to be in some sports related career. where am i hating? the guy is now doing what he wanted it seems.

Sciurus_vulgaris659d ago (Edited 659d ago )

Odd, I'm pretty sure he was making massive dough at EA.

PixelGateUk659d ago

He'll be making good money at Liverpool too. It's his home town as well, so that helps

KwietStorm659d ago

You don't think he'll make massive dough as CEO of a sports team? Like a real life sports team, not pixels.

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