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Submitted by egm_hiphopgamer 2625d ago | video

Xbox360 in the #1spot this holiday season and beyond While Peter Moore gets smashed on the HipHopGamerShow 9/21/08

* 360 destroying the competition
* Naruto: Rise To Ninja Review
* Peter Moore Gets Smashed
* Life With Playstation Finally Arrives but was it worth the wait?
* Will Nintendo wii end up in last place this holiday season?
* Much Much More Enjoy The Show (Culture, Industry, Wii, Xbox 360)

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SwiffEpics  +   2625d ago
this show is the best
another great show
Jamie Foxx  +   2625d ago
but hiphopgamer is certainly just a gamers gamer and tells it as he sees it so kudos,360 is going for the jugular this holiday season,we as the consumer are certainly reaping the awards from this price cut (cheap way to play gears) and because sony must now lower their price microsoft have forced this upon sony,to all the fanboys this is why competition is good
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Genesis5  +   2625d ago
3 years into it's life and $199 for a next gen console with no dedicated hard drive and a last gen disc format.(The Wii seems to appeal to alot of non traditional gamers,360 does not) I just can't see the 360 selling Wii like numbers at this stage.

I figure the 360 for 5 million maybe 10 million(life time) bigger install base than the original Xbox. I will have to wait for the numbers obviously. But if the 360 crushes the competition the holiday season I will say I was wrong and everyone that disagrees with me was right.

But I don't think that is going to happen.
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tordavis  +   2625d ago
"3 years into it's life and $199 for a next gen console with no dedicated hard drive and a last gen disc format. I just can't see this thing selling Wii like numbers at this stage."

I TOTALLY AGREE! At least you get a hard drive, HDMI/Component and DVD playback with the Wii. And it's cheaper!
InMyOpinion  +   2625d ago
Some would say he's not just biased, but 'PS3-curious'.

Yo yo tordavis! Have you considered renaming the bitbag to the flamebag, since everything you produce are flame articles with no substance?
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theKiller  +   2625d ago
why all the fuzz about this price cut??
if $350 didnt do anything for 360 in this year what will $300 do??

about the arcade well... people buy the wii not only because its cheaper but mostly about its motion sensing controller, i dont know why people want to forget about that fact!!

the arcade will not steal a single casual customer from wii!!
and the premium and elite maybe they have a little bit better chance on competing with ps3!

dont forget ps3 have blue ray, free online,wifi, HOME, and multiple AAA mega hits this fall and finally big blue ray movies like the dark night etc all that for just 100 bugs extra!!
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Jamie Foxx  +   2625d ago
because yes we as gamers know the ps3 has alot of advantages technology wise over the 360 but IGNORANCE IS BLISS how else can a console using ps2 technology in dvd9 and have a33% hardware failure rate not be dead and buried.....,theres comments further down from steve saying he may pick up another 360 as back up? rrod seems acceptable now(crazy huh),rrod & ps3s advantages are not highlighted enough to the masses & parents are looking for a cheap way to enter the 'next-gen'
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callahan09  +   2625d ago
I like the hiphopgamer, I think he's generally pretty well informed and comes to logical assumptions about things...

That said, and I should also say I haven't yet listened to this episode, I just read the synopsis right here... but all that said, I really don't know why he would think Wii would come in last place this holiday. It will probably come in first place again. Remember, the holiday season is when parents buy stuff for children. That means Wii, as far as I'd venture to guess. Sure, there are teenagers who will get 360's and PS3's, and adults who will ask their girlfriends or wives for a 360 or PS3... but I think that the Wii will continue to be a complete absence from store shelves this holiday, selling through all stock and being the biggest seller yet again.

Also, what is it with these people lately saying 360 is destroying the competition? Last I checked, it has been outsold by the PS3 on a worldwide level every single month this year, and it's been outsold by the PS3 in the USA for the majority of months this year. It only had a small resurgence last month when it sold barely 10,000 units more than the PS3 did in America, and when you're talking hundreds of thousands of units, that is a very small margin of victory. When compared to the Wii, the two systems are in a virtual tie. So I don't see how anyone can claim the 360 is dominating, when it isn't even dominating the PS3 much less the fact that it's still taking a gigantic beating by the Wii.
leila01  +   2625d ago
With €400 you can get an Elite [€250], with a headset, HDMI cable, 120gb HD, Fable/Gears [€60], Gold membership account [€30] and you'll still have €60 remaining.
The PS3 [€400] + a game [€60] + headset [€?)

The PS3 is just too damn expensive. I wonder how this thing keeps selling.
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solidt12  +   2625d ago
Great show as always.
CrazzyMan  +   2625d ago
Price is NOT the only factor which decides a purchace. =)
leila01, I agree, PS3 is kinda expensive here in Europe, compared to x360.
Price - High Quality console + blu-ray player = media center -> a Family Thing. :)
And 250 for elite? SO far it was 300 and 240 for 60Gb model.

Anyway, there are some positive points about PS3:
1) reliable
2) quiet
3) free online, home
4) build in wi-fi
5) without pain rechargeable controllers
6) blu-ray movies
7) freely changeable hdd
8) disc scratching free system
9) habitual controller for ps2 crowd
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Immaculate  +   2624d ago
Depends on how you define high quality game console. The 360 is the highest quality gaming experience period. The most high quality titles+largest game library+best online service= highest quality gaming experience

The price, the amount of media, and award winning controller design are just a bonus.
CrazzyMan  +   2624d ago
"The 360 is the highest quality gaming experience period. The most high quality titles+largest game library+best online service= highest quality gaming experience " - That`s WHY x360 was OUSTOLD by PS3 for almost whole year in all regions?

That make sense.)) Or maybe just consumers DON`T agree with your personal opinion since they are buying more PS3s, then x360s. It`s all about games, isn`t it? :)
It`s a consumer, who DECIDES.
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SCThor  +   2624d ago
I gonna play Mass Efect, Halo, Gears, etc..on a Xbox 360 that will never go RROD this Xmas..
.its called PC.
Immaculate  +   2624d ago
Crazzyman, you had better enjoy those short lived sales comments while you still can.

SCThor, what's it like sitting in a PC chair playing games on a $800-$1500 dollar PC, knowing that you could have been laying on a couch or bed playing the exact same games for $200? You're kind of weird.
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SCThor  +   2624d ago
@above ....I don't know
My ($500,P4 2.4GHZ,2GB RAM,GEFORCE 8600GT)cpu is hooked to my entertainment room's LCD 42", I'm using a Xbox360 controller that connects to the cpu using a wireless receiver and I'm laying on my couch as I write...

(anyone...feel free to type owned,pwned,toasty or whatever you like below this post) :)
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DavidMacDougall  +   2625d ago
"Xbox360 in the #1spot"
Probably but how many out of the thousands sold will work? That is the big question
Shadow Man  +   2625d ago
RROD AND DVD9 Ps3s life support.
DavidMacDougall  +   2625d ago
"Shadow Man keeps dipping his toe in the fanboy pool but it never works out for him so he keeps switching sides like his own sexuality" - DMD

I cant tell about you anymore are you a bot or a droid ?

@AlterEgo -Nice list bubbles for u
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AlterEgo  +   2625d ago
"RROD AND DVD9 Ps3s life support."
You mean along with:

Killzone 2
Resistance 2
God of War 3
Motorstorm: Pacific Rift
SOCOM: Confrontation
White Knight Chronicles
Disgaea 3
The Agency
Free Online Multiplayer
everything multi-platform
and everything else in 2009 that's as of yet unannounced?
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Anton Chigurh  +   2625d ago

Repeat after me

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi  +   2625d ago
SirKenKutaragiShow 9/21/08;)
* The xBox 360 is CR*P

End of SirKenKutaragiShow 9/21/08
Tune in Next week!!! ;-D
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marionz  +   2624d ago
actually most will work, i have a new console and the new hardware is much quieter and cooler then my launch pro console, RRoD is pretty much a thing of the past to most 360 owners so its time to just move on.

i actually hope my launch pro console dies before the warranty is up so i can get the new components put in, but yes the new consoles are a huge improvement in both noise and heat, new one doesnt get any warmer then the ps3.
KiddyBrownTurd  +   2624d ago

out of all those games, only God of War 3 has the potential to be AAA. and that's if it doesn't suck now that Jaffe AND Balrog are off the team.

poooooooooooor droids
chewy317  +   2624d ago
yea since when can the 360 fight with the ps3 when its still barely winning the ps2.
NewSchoolGamer  +   2625d ago
needs to pray that the xbox360 outsells the PS3 every single month as of the date the price cut is in effect.

If not, Sony can go for the kill.
KingDizzi  +   2625d ago
No praying will help MS, the only area where the price cut can have a continuous effect on consoles ales is NA. In Japan and the EU I can see the increase in sales due to a price drop for a month max but thats it.

If anything I guarantee that the PS3 will outsell the 360 in EU and Japan for the rest of the year, you should see the huge FIFA 09 PS3 advert and also WKC releasing in December 25th.
egm_hiphopgamer  +   2625d ago
if for some reason 360 can't extend the lead over ps3 at a 199 price tag then MS may be in trouble as far as the console wars go because ps3 will eventually become a 199 price and that will be a big blow to MS but i doubt you'll see a 199 price tag on PS3 in 2009 so MS still has tons of breathing room even leading up to there next system
leila01  +   2625d ago
As far as they keep making games for my 360 I'm fine. It doesn't really matters to me if it outsells the PS3 or not.

Glad to see you've dropped you fanboy status HipHop, you're now becoming a real gaming journalist. I'm looking forward to your next show.
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The Dark Knight  +   2624d ago
who cares if xbox 360 we be number 1 this season, why do we need to worry? we got Ps3's lol i dont see how being number 1 is so bad when is pretty much has nothing to do with us. I have Both consoles, but for people who dont, you dont need to get angry cause its just business

If anything Good on Microsft
uxo22  +   2624d ago
Nice show! Very Entertaining.
KingDizzi  +   2625d ago
Everyone calls this guy bias but he he just truthful, fanboys can bash him all they want but he makes educated suggestions. Of course the 360 will destroy PS3 sales IN NA, I just hope anyone with any sort of intelligence can accept that.
GarandShooter  +   2624d ago
Define destroy.
thewhoopimen  +   2625d ago
Strong Buy
Not that I disagree with the 360 price drop and software lineup as a very strong buy incentive, but what will the 360 have this holiday season that will appeal to the mass consumer? I think gow2 and fable 2 are great games but... they are niche. I still think the wii will squeak past the 360 this holiday season.
egm_hiphopgamer  +   2625d ago
I understand your theory but people stand in line for gears of war, what nintendo has that people will line up for besides smash bros which is already out you see what i mean the hype alone is gonna make it a mass market appeal, keep in mind sometimes people buy stuff just to say they have it and gears is a game like that because of it's popularity
The Lazy One  +   2625d ago
the non-exclusives and the update...
will work in favor of the 360.

By far the strongest lineup this year is in the 3rd party non-exclusive games. When people go to the store and see these amazing games (Rage, PoP, End War, lotsa EA sports games, etc.), which play the same on a $199 console as a $399 console, it's hard to argue with.

Then it still has a strong exclusive lineup, and a lot of new features in the update for the casual gamer (XNA community games, growing XBLA library, Xbox Primetime, Avatars, etc.).

To say it still won't appeal at this price point with the features coming is ignorance.

Summary: 360 is getting plenty of casual and hardcore content, and 3rd party multi platform titles work in favor of the cheapest system.
thewhoopimen  +   2625d ago
good point Hiphop but I still think you and a lot of analysts miss the key word "casual gamer" or lets make it even more mainstream term, "casual consumer." The MASS casual consumer has NO IDEA what is new or not in terms of game release dates, platform exclusive, etc. They look at what everyone else has, whats fun for family, and what people talk about. Sure Gears is going to be a big topic, but moms and dads are definitely going to shy away from this controversial title. No one knows about fable. Besides Gears, there is nothing family friendly per se except viva pinata and part 2.

Wii has the numbers, Wii has the cool controller, Wii has more family friendly games. Wii games will be cheaper b/c of the older age of the titles. Wii is similarly priced, will will win like "tickle me elmos" win.
edhe  +   2625d ago
The cheap-as 360 doesn't just play exclusive games you know. Any multiplatform system seller will sell on the 360, due to the price differential.

I'd imagine force unleashed bundles on the 360 arcade would've sold more than on the ps3.
NewSchoolGamer  +   2625d ago
The question
is will the difference in sales be enough to keep MS on top.

Still, MS can just claim victory in 2010 with their new xbox. Heck the new xbox rumors are already arriving.
TheColbertinator  +   2625d ago
I have been thinking about getting another 360.Just in case the one I have now breaks after November,I have a backup.
Jamie Foxx  +   2625d ago
is what really really worries me about pickin up a 360,but no gamer should have to worry about their console dying, but sadly its fact rrod is very much infamous
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mboojigga  +   2625d ago
No gamer should have to worry about the BR drive failing either but it will. Regardless whether you get a PS3 or 360 customers have an option to get a replacement plan based on where they purchased. Simple process.
Lord Shuhei Yoshida  +   2625d ago

Failing BluRay drives are insignificant compared to the millions who have received RROD and Microsoft refused service back in 2007.Ignorance is not bliss so I hope you learn that lesson
leila01  +   2625d ago
RROD is a thing of the past and you know it. Just as "PS3 has no games" is also a thing of the past.
My 360 is more than a year old (HDMI 360) and it never overheats.
Lets assume your console eventually gets the RROD, that won't happen the first day anyway. So you can buy a 360 now, enjoy the games and IF it dies, Microsoft will repair it for FREE with free shipping. And if you still want to get a backup 360, just get the Arcade unit the day your 360 dies on you.
#7.4 (Edited 2625d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
Lord Shuhei Yoshida  +   2625d ago

No because the 360 still gets RRODs including the Falcon model.Please just keep your FUD to yourself
mboojigga  +   2624d ago
Doesn't matter how high it is or low it is for a product failure. We have been in a age of consumer electronics to know that the possibility is still there. That is why I bought a replacement plan when I bought a launch 360 before we knew about the RROD. I have 2 360's and a PS3. I am not one of the millions to have experienced RROD. I have a launch 360 with a Dec 05 and a Oct 07 Halo 3 model.
I have a PS3 80gig from Nov 07. Got a replacement plan on that just in case not vs because of those specific issues. My mindset was better to be safe than sorry for whatever may happen.
Sergeant Osiris  +   2625d ago
once the buzz
over the price drop dies down the 360 will drop back to third place in sales. After that there is NOWHERE to go for microsoft.
BLUR111  +   2625d ago
Vojkan  +   2625d ago
You forget


I mean really why would his opinion matter anymore than mine or anyone elses on this site? its just an opinion nothing else.

I will always stay to my belief that software sells hardware and i think LBP and RE2 will move ton of them, way more that Fable 2(lol) and Gears of War 2 will. So yes 360 will outsell PS3 in NA but it wont be enormous difference as 360 fanboys are expecting.
360 was also cheaper than PS3 earlier this year and was outsold almost every month by PS3. This is mine unbiased opinion.
tordavis  +   2625d ago
"I mean really why would his opinion matter anymore than mine or anyone elses on this site?"

I'd gladly listen to your opinion too. What's your website? What are you covering at the next VGExpo, GDC and E3? Hit me up bro!
TOO PAWNED  +   2625d ago

Lol since when site = legit, i mean are you serious? Anyone can make site, i mean anyone can learn or pay someone to make them a site, hence there are billions! of pointless sites where people act as experts or consider them selves as expert just cuz they have site with some kind "GAME" connected word.
Lord Shuhei Yoshida  +   2625d ago

Your a blogger and just another guy in the internet.Dont get delusional about who you are now.
etownone  +   2625d ago
@ tordavis
" I'd gladly listen to your opinion too. What's your website? What are you covering at the next VGExpo, GDC and E3? Hit me up bro! "


what makes hiphopgamer different from everyone else is that he keeps it real. Sounds corny but its true.
We all know he's a sony fan but he recognizes the 360's advantage this gen.
midgetsanx  +   2625d ago
Its great to have both consoles. I got the 360 a week ago.

I hope more people buy both of the consoles eventually instead of b!tching about which one is better, because both of them are great.

I'm excluding Wii because I can never find one. God Damn it. =.=
TOO PAWNED  +   2625d ago
Gamecube and xbox were 99 dollars and it didn't help them in thier pointless fight with PS2.
No one will beat Wii this year, so who ever said that is out of his mind or has no knowledge of the industry what so ever.
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LevDog  +   2625d ago
360 is going in for the kill? Where? US? Ps3 World Wide has always outsold 360 since Ps3s release..
TOO PAWNED  +   2625d ago
Some ingorant American goes:"So NA is not world? Wow i thought outside of NA some kind of creatures lived there that have no purpose in this american World" / sarc
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SnprSlick  +   2625d ago
360 has outsold the PS3 in Japan too. PS3 just has Europe.
BLUR111  +   2625d ago
awwww... it hurts your droid hearts :(

it wont take long for yours to go to 1 bubble DavidMac, I have been on this site for a year and a half now and bubbles come and go

#13 (Edited 2625d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
DavidMacDougall  +   2625d ago
"awwww... it hurts your" bubbles
silverchode  +   2625d ago
droid heart?
BLUR111  +   2625d ago
yea that thing that N4G is in and pumps hope for ps3 fanboys
59fifty8  +   2625d ago
u guys ready for the dream60, im telling u the 360 is going to end up like the dreamcast did it will die pretty fast. remember the dreamcast started by lowering the price.
tordavis  +   2625d ago
Didn't PS3 start their first year by lowering the price?

DC only pushed like 3mil units.

Back into the toolbox you go!
Shadow Man  +   2625d ago
console war is over for x360

in europe and Japan x360 is finished as soon as PES is launched

in USA too LBP will kill x360
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TheColbertinator  +   2625d ago
@All of you above

You guys are all epic failures


They reduced their price because they could not compete with 3 stronger consoles which were the PS2,GC,and Xbox.The 360 only has to compete with one HD system not three


The Dreamcast sold 10 million units,not three million


There has been only one 100 dollar price drop which was last year.The 360 has dropped the price 3 times at least in Europe

I KILLZOWNED you fanboys.Too easy
DavidMacDougall  +   2625d ago
What about me Steven Colbert ?

EDIT: Bubbles for you ..unless im wrong!!
#14.4 (Edited 2625d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
TheColbertinator  +   2625d ago

I just meant the clueless drones here who are stumbling in the dark.I have no problem with people's opinions but if people are wrong,I raise hell.
dukadork  +   2625d ago
the only thing the 360 destroys is
random6789012345  +   2625d ago
Haha true its like there emo, i wish my lawn was emo so it would cut its self haha
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Neo604  +   2625d ago
they say the wii will be last?
this is senseless talk.
egm_hiphopgamer  +   2625d ago
for this holiday season it's possible in my opinion because of hype and game collection from ps3 and 360 but now that 360 is 199 that means you have a true next generation system being cheaper than the wii and people will start to see that the wii isn't worth the price it's at as much any more because 360 offers alot more for a console at a cheaper price
XXXCouture  +   2625d ago
i see what you mean gamer, but people buy wii because of the games and motion sensing. the wii has achieved status of being a party-family-friend-fun gaming console, and that status won't change over a holiday
Omega4  +   2625d ago
Yep 360 will definate have the best holiday season with the pricecuts and Gears 2

PS3 also has a chance of good holiday sales with LBP, but with the bad world economy and the high price of the PS3 i dont see many casual gamers buying a PS3 for LBP
TOO PAWNED  +   2625d ago
Us in Europe will buy it, dont worry our economy is in better shape and PS3 is here like 800USD atm and still sell more than in NA. Dont you worry bud, although i would worry for 360 if i was in your spot, since even if it is half the price of ps3 no one seems to give a ....
LevDog  +   2625d ago
You forget your talking about Holiday season.. Gamers dont have to buy it.. They families, Wifes and GFs will.. Also alot of people might buy it for duel use.. Ps3 is also a Blu Ray player (if you didnt know).. If im a family member I buy it for someone who likes games, only to use it for movies for myself.. Ps3 is the smarter buy
sak500  +   2625d ago
U might have old cash lying there from your pension granpa but in reality hardly anyone wants to waste 400$ on a souped up BDplayer.
Lord Shuhei Yoshida  +   2625d ago

Instead of buying that 400 dollar souped up BluRay player,they can get a PS3 instead.Or they can buy a heater(360) or a toy(Wii)

See,its easy to spin
59fifty8  +   2625d ago
wat are u talking about
i am saying that i remember buying the dreamcast wen it first came out and then a year later it was the cheapest console. and why killowned ur a bot dont u mean halowend, oh my bad halo suks right gotta pick a ps3 game.
thekingofMA  +   2625d ago
maybe he said killzowned because the last syllable is very similar to the word "owned," which he did to you?

did you even think about it? its pretty obvious pal.

and yes, im sure you got the joke, but your argument is poor.
#18.1 (Edited 2625d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
juuken  +   2625d ago
I really don't think the 360 will surpass the Wii anytime soon. And people seem to be forgetting the PS3's strong lineup for this year.
egm_hiphopgamer  +   2625d ago
PS3's lineup is the best lineup to me this year but because of the price i think people may still wait for another price drop because most likely march 09 the ps3 will drop to 299 and that will be crazy if that happens
juuken  +   2625d ago
Yeah, I think Sony will drop the price next year.
KiddyBrownTurd  +   2624d ago
"PS3's lineup is the best lineup"
LMFAO. still pretending you're not a raging droid?

plz enlighten us as to what's better on PS3 this fall than Gears 2 and Fable 2. Just those two alone. Not even mentioning Banjo or L4D. What is better than Gears 2 and Fable 2?

Let's all not forget you actually said Resistance 1 was better than Gears 1 LMFAO.

U stupid droid.
juuken  +   2624d ago
Resistance 2
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm
White Knight Chronicles
Little Big Planet
Motorstorm: Pacific


You don't want me to embarrass you even further do you Brown Turd?

I'm a droid and I'm damn proud of it.
KiddyBrownTurd  +   2624d ago
LOL, u must be a droid if you think a single one of those games beats either Fable or Gears 2.

put my penis in your mouth!!!!
JOLLY1  +   2625d ago
Wait....Peter Moore got smashed?
Wow, you backtalked too much, it seemed more like you were agreeing with him. resistance 2 good? You didn't play it at PAX. The ps3 hype train must have really been rolling hard at E3. I love how you say that ps overdelivers, yet you dog on life with playstation. "it's a good start". That sounds like they you. Also you think home losing video is bad.....and they are underdelivering. Hmmmm, sounds like they are under you.
#20 (Edited 2625d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
LevDog  +   2625d ago
Being a PS3 owner.. When they announced Life with Playstation.. It is exactly what they say it would be.. A News and Weather service.. With real time clouds and music (that you can choose from your HDD).. Nothing Free can under deliver.. Its a cool lil App and its interesting to read all the articles from around the Globe.. I can only imagine what it will have with future updates.. Maybe streaming news or new clips.. Or stock ticker and sports ticker.. Trust me for what they said it was gonna be they delivered just that.. For free.. The fact that 360 offers nothing close to it and people pay for it.. Is just plain sad

... Ya I just caught that.. Thats my bad.. but I still stand by my comment.. Just not its not at you.. Its with you
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JOLLY1  +   2625d ago
Cute comment
First off, free things can underdeliver. Don't' make me throw out the free food that is undercooked, so you get food poisoning analogy. If you listen to him he sounds disappointed in it. I am not dogging on the app, I am dogging on the person who says one thing then less than 2 minutes later contradicts himself. I noticed that you didn't comment on my whole post though.... I wonder why?
#20.2 (Edited 2625d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
InMyOpinion  +   2625d ago
Google apps are free for everyone just like PSN and Life with Playstation. The only difference is that Google apps don't suck. The "you can't complain about something that is free"-excuse is retarded. Why not make an optional service that is better than PSN and let people who have higher demands pay for it? Kinda like Xbox Live...
59fifty8  +   2625d ago
dats tru
the 360 line up is laughable compared to ps3 even the wii, the ps3 by far got a better line up then xflop
MAGNUM-RAM  +   2625d ago
when was the last time microsofts won a console war?
can't remember huh?

You must be looking forward to meeting all the homo noobs.
I bet you can't wait to get a achievement for world class useless whatever
you are. What are you? A critic? A cheerleader? A microsoft porch monkey?

Hiphopgamer should phuck you up. You're duma$$ is backing the phasing out DVD.
you would be a tool if you were useful but what's the point of your meaningless show.
you think you got a career in the console war? You realize its gonna be another 8 years of
you asking & arguing about what's better dont you.
Its not that interesting. In real life gamers talk about the console war for 5 minutes & then its back to playing games.
you are boring. When was the last time you worked a real job?

At least hiphopgamer has a future. He calls it & get into it in full detail.
you?! Hah dont make me laugh! You are not needed. You should stay behind
the scenes. I got my ps3 & its all I need. Its not going no where. Go play with little
whiteboys you pervert. You got no skill.

You are broke, stupid & your girl is a hoe.
Please stop wasting peoples time. I'm in new York.
I'm puerto rican & Dominican. I will phuck you up!

You piece of sh••! You are uncomfortable in your own skin & you know it.
that's why yo mamma dont like you. I'm gonna see to it that you quit poppin
sh11T! That has nothing to do with us.
Theres only one champion with a track record. You best change you're tune
on playstation soon or prepare yourself for a phuckN warzone all your best friends & cousins can't handle
you noobtastical waste of space. Keep on keeping on & watch.
thekingofMA  +   2625d ago
first of all, i only see one comment by tordavis here, and it wasn't even directed at HipHopGamer (update: found it in the gamerzone)

but i'm not even going to argue with the rest of the crap you just spewed, as i'm sure you'll just reply with an irrelevant comment like "your girl is a hoe," like you said to tordavis

what i am going to mention, however, is this fine piece of comedy you wrote:

"In real life gamers talk about the console war for 5 minutes & then its back to playing games."

really? 5 minutes? is that why you have been on this site for months (years?) over several accounts, commenting about the console war? by your logic, no one here at N4G are gamers, especially you...
#22.1 (Edited 2625d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
heyheyhey  +   2625d ago
ha, Microsoft have fired all their price drop bullets for at least 2 years

now they can only sit back and pray if sales don't match expectations and the PS3 starts outselling it again... because we know they won't have any system pushing games after Gears for a loooooong time(and even Gears isn't that much of a system) pusher

and you can tell MS knows that Sony has an incredible line-up coming up
heyheyhey  +   2625d ago
i think the PS3 won't win the holiday season war against the 360 in NA.... it will in EU and definitely Japan though

i guess Sony have to try and combat the 360's cut with great games until they are ready to cut the price themselves.... because when they do, MS won't be able to counter it now that they've fired all their price cut ammo
felidae  +   2625d ago
nice show but i don't like how you talk about Sony like they're god or something.

i also think that the PS3 is the better system (for me) but the 360 has some nice games, too.

for me, PS3 exclusives are way beyond anything on the 360.
MAGNUM-RAM  +   2625d ago
Sony's line up is incredible!
its all about games, saving money & getting a all in one value package.
tordavis must shop at old navy because he thinks thier jeans are the best quality.

Yo! Hip hop gamer ! Why do you mess with that dude? He is holding you back!
you sound like you from staten island. When the hellz are you gonna drop that weight?

Tordavis aint even your opposite. He's just a lamo . I really want to fight him but if you say to chill
& leave him alone I might not do it unless you pop him in the mouth for me!
I'm 29 & I will never forget who is the best of all time.

Can you please tell me how many rrod s tordavis has had?
I'm serving that lil biotch every chance I get.
everytime you talk he tries to sound like you are a retard.
in new York his punani a$$ would get knocked.

Please break his face & give his xbox360 the rrod update thanks.
sak500  +   2625d ago
I can see SDF in action again. Every damn article is plagued by these ps3 fanboys. This year again has been failure for ps3 like last 2. You guys can only pray that your savior kz2 will bring it out of this downward spiral.

On Topic. Kudos to MS for beating the beast playstation brand this gen even with less than steller hardware reliability and discontinuation of xbox. THere are more gamers out there embracing 360 over ps3 as we speak and will continue to do so for forseeable future.

If you are not mentally challenged and love games than you shouldnt be without a 360 this holiday season...

Psst MS where is my freebie...

Edit: fanboy n#1 below: You guys have spoiled this site and now are in each and every 360 news. You get the hell out and go and troll your own articles.
#27 (Edited 2625d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Lord Shuhei Yoshida  +   2625d ago
Stop whining about PS3 fanboys.If you dont like it stop crying and leave.We dont need crybabies here because we are not babysitting.So stay silent or go away if we upset you so much.

No one is asking you to stay
egm_hiphopgamer  +   2625d ago
The console war isn't over yet man just stay tuned and see what happens we don't know what's in store for next year 2009 is gonna be another beast for the industry
funkysolo  +   2625d ago
Nothing is going to stop the wii from being 1st
People seem to forget that soccor mom's are buying game consoles where as before console were bought by gamers and as christmas gifts. PS3 is selling at the same rate as the PS2. Just look at who's buying a wii. I bought a wii for my kids, it's a fun little system, I would never trade my ps3 for one. I could of got 360 but why? wii makes for a better second system
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2624d ago
I can think of one thing and that is supply. Nintendo seems to be constantly struggling to meet demand even this far into its life. Hopefully people will see the 360 as a great alternative if they can't find a Wii.
#28.1 (Edited 2624d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
OOG  +   2625d ago
Cool Cool....

Don't mind the fools on this site at least HipHopGamer is out doing something and actually goes and plays these games etc....all most of you guys do is look at pics and vids and think that you can be critics.

Don't hate.....Appreciate!
DA_SHREDDER  +   2625d ago
You guys just need to chill out
Lets just wait and see what happens. The only thing that is gonna come out of this subject is everyone dissing each other. Who cares if the 360 sells more? Sony is gonna produce even more exclusives to justify its higher price tag, and in the end its the consumers that win out of this battle. Honestly Im glad to see the 360 drop its price. That means Sony will have to do something even bigger just to entice the rest of the market's consumers. Like cross game video chat perhaps?

Also, its not gonna matter how much the 360 cost. God of War3, MAG, Motorstorm 2, LBP, and FF 13 vs. is a good enough reason for anybody to buy a ps3. Lets not forget that Sony is just gonna keep building up the franchises that have already proven themselves as best of the best such as Uncharted 2, MLB the show 09, and a new Ratchet and Clank are sure to be out by the end of next year. Pretty soon people are gonna be wondering why they haven't bought a ps3 yet? Even xbox fanboys are gonna have nothing but nice things to say about the ps3. Now that I said that, I can get back to playing some Pure on my ps3. Jesus this game is freakin wicked, and extremely challenging.

Yo, Magnum. I doubt you could beat up Tor. Hes a 6"5 beast. He would probably just pick you up and take a big bite out of you like you was a hamburger out of a happy meal basket.
#30 (Edited 2625d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
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