Resistance 3: Sony's Underappreciated Gem

GameRaven writes:

''The first-person shooter is a ridiculously overcrowded market. They tend to be far too similar. Go here, shoot that, save the world. It’s pretty standard fare. The nature of the market has resulted in many people becoming jaded.''

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Nitrowolf2652d ago (Edited 652d ago )

I agree, Resistance 3 was great and while the article says it felt like a reboot, i always felt it was more as a sequel not to two but to the original. Captured the idea that you were the last line of defense from the chimera virus. This was pretty good because they manage to capture that feeling.

I felt to tried to be to big and tried to use size to its advantage. I also felt they were trying to go to "halo" with it, with how soldier were super and such. Seemed like a silly downfall to the story, though two did have its perks like the awesome co op mode

Three basically returned to the form of 1, with the idea that mankind was falling and now you had to live with that.

One and Three are my favorites, and i wish they would remaster the original with its multiplayer intact

PixelGateUk652d ago

I don't think a remaster will happen anytime soon, which is a shame. Thankfully, the physical copies of the original are cheap. Just a shame Sony seem to reject backwards compatibility

Abash652d ago

Resistance 1 and 3 were great, but 2 just felt generic. Even as awesome as the best of the series was, it never felt like Insomniac put their heart into the Resistance games. I always figured they were games they did not really want to make but had to in order to go with the latest genre trend to stay a big developer in the industry.

I'm really happy they no longer handle the series and got to do projects like Spiderman PS4, Ratchet and Clank, and Sunset Overdrive.

TKCMuzzer652d ago (Edited 652d ago )

I don't think they are rejecting it just for the sake of it, they have the stats and have probably weighed up the costs of introducing it against how many would use it, as we don't know the costs involved, and other reasons we shouldn't speculate. They had BC stats when the original PS3 was released and the percentage of gamers playing old games was very low. It's a nice to have but i predicted this (as Sony clearly stated the PS4 was not BC) so kept my PS3.
Resistance FOM is still great today and is one game that I think deserves a remaster, fully intact.

Kallisti652d ago (Edited 652d ago )

I don't think you understand how hardware works. Just like how the original PS3's came with an emotion engine to run PS2 games, the PS4 would have need to come with a Cell processor in order to run PS3 games due to its vastly different architecture, which in turn would drive up the price of the console.

SirJoJo652d ago

R3 was one of my favourite games on the PS3, took me by suprise! The campaign was so good, loved every second of it.

Dark_Knightmare2652d ago (Edited 652d ago )

How many times does it have to be stated by Sony and other sites that's it's not them rejecting bc but that the cell technology the PS3 used makes it not impossible but pretty damn close which is why we don't have bc

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JEECE652d ago

Well said. I feel like 2 was probably the result of meddling suits at Sony who wanted to chase the feel of other contemporary FPS games rather than do their own thing. Pity, given that Fall of Man is one of the best launch games of all time, and 3 was just excellent.

WeAreLegion652d ago

Did you just use "to" for every form of the word?

G20WLY652d ago

Lmao, yup that made me twitch like a madman!

Kaneki-Ken652d ago

Resistance 3 MC jump off a high places like 10 floor building, didn't brake no bone and came out fine. That one thing I didn't like about the campaign since MC was some how OP or super human and in my opinion the story kinda felt rush in the end.

G20WLY652d ago

3 was an amazing campaign, one of the best of last gen and with stunning graphics and atmosphere. I only played it recently and it holds up really well.

hduce652d ago

I loved this game and the Resistance series as a whole. I played Resistance 3 entirely in 3D with a buddy online. Definitely good times. I like the Resistance game on the Vita when many didn't.

Thatguy-310652d ago

I feel if they were to release it this gen the IP would thrive.

bnaked651d ago (Edited 651d ago )

Do you remember the fantastic live action teaser trailer?

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cberg25652d ago

While Resistance was a great series, I'm glad Insomniac eventually went back to making more lighthearted fare.

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Momo118652d ago

good games especially the second


i agree. frantic multiplayer and coop. 3 was good but changed to much i thought. FoM and 2 are classics.

Knushwood Butt652d ago

Yeah, played the R1 and R2 multiplayer to bits. Have the R2 plat thanks to that 10,000 kill trophy.

The R3 multiplayer was garbage in comparison. Probably spent less than 2 hours in total on the R3 multiplayer.

JEECE652d ago

As linear, single-player shooters go, it doesn't get much better than Resistance 3. Unfortunately, it seems like too many people got burned by the mediocrity of 2 (cool co-op mode aside) that 3 didn't sell like it deserved.

Deep-throat652d ago

Play more linear SP shooters.

R3 was good, 8/10

JEECE652d ago (Edited 652d ago )

No thanks, for about 7-8 years I played that genre like crazy, often to the point of missing out on other things. I prefer a more balanced approach now.

Would love to hear what contemporaries of R3 you think are so much better. And no, I don't think it is better than Half-life 2, so no need to mention that.

bnaked651d ago


R3 wasn't as good as HL2, but it had the most complete shooter campaign since HL2, it was quite a triumph. I mean, as a shooter, R3 had a good story and good characters and it was very atmospheric and varied. One of the most underrated games for PS3.

Deep-throat651d ago

Not going to bother mentioning HL2, it's like comparing a skyscraper to a house.

Bulletstorm is better than R3 IMO.

Iceball2000652d ago

I think because the second one put a bad taste in my mouth is why I never got into the third one.

Ultr652d ago

Go play it! its great and cheap :)

652d ago
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