8 Reasons Why Mass Effect’s Story Isn’t As Great As You Think

Let’s get this out of the way: We love Mass Effect. We love the gameplay. We love the universe. We love the lore. We love the characters (even Kaiden Alenko, although he’s, like, right at the bottom of the pile, just below Keeper #6). And the story? Well...

Mass Effect is one of those games that’s frequently hauled out of its dusty cave and paraded in front of the world as an example of storytelling done right. It’s an RPG, and narrative is part of increasing the player’s immersion. Replaying the original trilogy, though, shines a fresh and jaded light on the game. Namely, the story is good, sure, in a popcorn movie kinda way, but scratch the sci-fi surface and you’ll find a husk of a narrative that’s just not as great as you remember.

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spicelicka602d ago

Sometimes it's not the overall story arc but the details within the story. Mass effect has a vast detailed universe with backstories and on each race and character. The intertwining of all thus makes it a great story.

bloop601d ago

And that's why I'm not clicking on this. The lore of ME is up there with the best of any franchise. For me, it's even up there with Star Wars, and I'm an absolute Star Wars freak.

Perjoss602d ago

let me guess, the 8th reason will shock me


opinionated602d ago

I have never heard one person say mass effect was storytelling done right. Not a single fucking person lol.

"A lot of people parade around the idea that dogshit is delicious. Here are 8 reasons why it's not as good as you think".

instantstupor601d ago

Also I think any coverage about how poorly they handled the ending completely trumped any amount of coverage saying the game was storytelling done right. Many people thought you couldn't really handle an ending to a story any worse than they did, and the ending is pretty damn important when discussing "storytelling done right".

So I have to agree, while people may like the characters and some of the lore, I don't think many would hold it up as a shining example lol

602d ago
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