7 Physically Implausible Things Game Heroes Do All the Time

OX writes: "Your typical videogame action hero is fitter, stronger and more voiced by Troy Baker than we will ever be. This, we have come to accept. We've also come to accept that a game hero or heroine can typically do a whole bunch of things that are physically implausible, if not straight-up biomechanically impossible. Ponder with us now, these incredible physical feats that videogame heroes are pulling off every day like it's nothing."

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Fist4achin506d ago

It's all just fiction and fantastical. We play games bc we don't get much time in our lives to actually be a treasure hunter/thief/assassin uncovering plots and conspiracies to control the world or amass insane amounts of riches. Nope, just regular Joe's and Jane's wanting some good old fashioned entertainment...