Popularity of Sony’s PlayStation VR Surprises Even the Company

NY Times:
Even Andrew House, global chief executive of Sony Interactive Entertainment, the video game division of the Japanese electronics giant, had doubts about how quickly virtual reality would be embraced by the mass market. So when Sony needed to decide how many of a new virtual reality headset to manufacture, Mr. House was among those inside the company advising that Sony make fewer of them.

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Genuine-User448d ago (Edited 448d ago )

Here's a number for those that care:
"consumers had purchased 915,000 of the headsets as of Feb. 19"

Seems to have sold a decent amount, more than the competition.

Liqu1d448d ago

Their goal was 1 million by mid-April so PSVR is definitely doing well.

MasterCornholio448d ago

Cool. Then this doing well which is good news for VR.

bouzebbal448d ago

Definitely good news. Now Sony announce some games, show this thing some love.

G20WLY448d ago

^Yup, more games is always good. Farpoint looks to be another potential wow moment for PSVR, so can't wait for that, but I want more standard AAA games getting some love after his well it worked with Resident Evil 7!

Last I heard a quarter of a million people had played that game in VR. That's a clear message to developers to go for it!

uptownsoul448d ago (Edited 448d ago )

PSVR sales are ahead of schedule per Sony's internal estimates...

This goes to show that the only prediction/estimates that matter are the ones from the people doing the funding. Any other predictions from any other sources matter far, far less

darthv72447d ago

Sony has been surprised by this gen. I remember reading here about how they were surprised at how well the PS4 was selling (because there weren't allot of AAA games for it yet) and now they are surprised again by the PSVR.

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ninsigma448d ago

That's impressive. I didn't think it would sell as much as that so early on. Good to see. More buyers means more incentive for Sony to support it. Just got the rhombus of ruin this week and it's great! More awesome experiences please!!

MasterCornholio448d ago (Edited 448d ago )

That's the positive thing about having a large group of potential buyers due to the way the PS4 is selling.

XanderZane448d ago

With over 56 million potential buyers, I'm not that surprised. It's the next 2 years that will be critical. Both the Move and the Kinect easily sold over 1 million in the first month or two as well. As sales start to slow, so did the support. I'm still giving it a year and then will see what's up after that.

UCForce448d ago

Also, Farpoint has a release date. It's May 16. So yeah, this PSVR game has positive feedback.

OB1Biker448d ago

I hear the aim controller is released at the same time. Really need to pre order that one as I fear they ll be sold out quick

italkgame448d ago

It's the newyorktimes. So I must give them the benefit of the doubt regarding House' quote. This in regard to about selling through to consumers. Artificial demand seems so high, in europe the PSVR has never been out of stock.
But if it is true, that's great news. Strange that so many devs still favor the technically superior Vive an Rift.
Playstation should make a bigger deal of their accomplishments in the VR field>>> Like they did with PS4.
If come June nothing major has changed in the marketing push for PSVR, I must believe it will go the way of the Vita as far as Playstation is concerned.

IamTylerDurden1448d ago

Way of the Vita? Approaching 20 million units sold? Damn that would be great!

BABY-JEDI448d ago

Sold out in U.K. So I don't really get what your implying? PSVR is pretty amazing especially RESI7 😃 Also PS4 Pro is additional support for VR, but you seem to want to overlook this 🤔 Why?

G20WLY448d ago

Troll, you need to learn how to use the phrase to "give the benefit of the doubt".

Apart from that, though, everything else you said was nonsense too lmao!

I can categorically confirm that nobody was able to buy a PSVR at retail in UK for 2 full months. Even trying to ship from continental Europe to UK was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. (another phrase for you to look up ;^P)

italkgame448d ago

@IamTylerdurden1 Yes, and I have 3 of the OLED ones, so? I guess you were happy with how Sony handled the support for the Vita? Love how you throw in that 20 million but forget to mention the time it took to reach those sales. I care mostly about the software for the PSVR. The fact that Playstation still sees this iteration of PSVR as a testing ground and that the tech is doing fairly well is, nice for them. But unlike some youngsters here, I care about software most. My preference for a hardware manufacturer don't blind me to their actions.
I enjoyed a lot of the Vita games but I don't want the same treatment for my PSVR from Sony.

@g20wly lol. Funny/True on the grammar part of your reply, now tell me how is the UK the same as EU/typical blind fanboy/ I can confirm you don't understand what artificial shortages mean.
Allocated your spelling prowess to the part of your brain that handles common sense.

Tell me what is the amount of PSVR's you need They've been gathering dust on store shelves since launch.

@baby-jedi The possibility of having a slight advantage when using PSVR with PS4pro instead of a PS4 isn't worth the upgrade. Give me HDR on the HMD, Give us better controllers than the old move tech, Give us true Room Scaling

In short kids; learn to read marketing speak

G20WLY448d ago

Seriously, if you can't use English correctly, don't try please. Your reply was worse than your original comment and was barely coherent.

Now, I do understand artificial shortages, but I also understand business and the 'snowball effect'. It's too important for Sony to get these headsets out there and have people's friends be wowed by it to benefit long-term from creating an artificial shortage. Why would they choose to do that over the holiday period? They wouldn't.

This conversation is not about brand loyalty; it's about brand hate. Yours, to be specific. You're looking for reasons to downplay PSVR and refusing to acknowledge facts, instead choosing to create conspiracy theories. Yet you brand others as fanboys. You also have some obsession with age and seem to relate that to intellect. This is wrong.

Self-reflection - add that to your list of things to Google.

Aenea448d ago

"Strange that so many devs still favor the technically superior Vive an Rift."

Source for that claim?

Also: superior? How exactly?

italkgame448d ago (Edited 448d ago )

@g20wly. I'll bite your bait. Facts: there was no shortage in the UK, apart from an artificial one. Just like Nintendo is famous for doing, Playstation chose to not allocate PSVR systems to the UK because.... These would and will sell there anyway, especially when Fairpoint sees the light of day.

Lol the Snowball effect is not as simple as people having a fun time with someone's hardware, in this case PSVR ,and than rushing to the store to get one. The people who are wowed, are impressed by VR in general. Yes, I can attest that all of the people who I've introduced to PSVR, grown ups who claimed to have little to no interest in video game,where blown away by VR. So mr Business man my question to you is were should playstation sell the "small amount of stock (artificially created) they have. to a target demographic that is unlikely to buy into the platform, or in a market space here they are far less dominant in the mind space of consumers?
"This conversation is not about brand loyalty; it's about brand hate. Yours, to be specific. Point out to where in
all my history of being on N4G, I've hated on Playstation and quote me please. Where do I equal age to intellect and lastly to reply on your advice to use Google, try looking up the definition of obsessed, self reflection and fanboy.

XanderZane448d ago

Sony themselves have said the Oculus Rift is technically superior to the PSVR. There's no need of even debating that. Unless you don't believe Sony, who know obviously knows their own product. No idea about Devs favoring the Rift & Vive though.

G20WLY448d ago

Trying to converse with you is pointless.

You spout conspiracy theories and offer no evidence to support them.
You resort to personal insults, because you can't handle debate.
You apparently lack even the most basic understanding of business, stock and market.
Your English is that poor that I'm not even sure you understand what I (and others) are trying to say to you.

Your basis to suggest that Sony have created an artificial shortage appears to be entirely pinned on the notion that Nintendo did it with the Wii. Incredible.

Nobody is agreeing with you for a reason, you know...

OB1Biker447d ago

'there was no shortage in the UK, '???
Your kidding me? I waited for months to get my hands on a PSVR. Artificial my @ss

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freshslicepizza448d ago

almost 1 million, thats a decent amount but un til it sells about 10 million i dont expect anyone including sony to put as much resources behind it as they do on the main console.

ninsigma448d ago

You're acting as if their expectations for a niche add on would be the same as their flagship console. If Sony themselves are saying this thing has outdone their own expectations then you can bet they will have a lot of support for PSVR, as much as you wish they won't.

freshslicepizza448d ago (Edited 448d ago )

"You're acting as if their expectations for a niche add on would be the same as their flagship console. If Sony themselves are saying this thing has outdone their own expectations then you can bet they will have a lot of support for PSVR, as much as you wish they won't."

then its another flip flop because sony kept repeating itself that psvr was not a peripheral and was its own platform. also isnt it convenient to now disclose what the expectations are now that they already almost reached it?

uptownsoul448d ago

@moldybread - "un til it sells about 10 million i dont expect anyone including sony to put as much resources behind it as they do on the main console"

Of course NOBODY expected (or expects) Sony to put as much resources behind PSVR as they do on the main console.

fenome448d ago

They never announce numbers unless they hit milestones. You guys that aren't even interested about it have been so "concerned" about them not announcing numbers, saying it must be selling bad, but then they announce almost a million and it's "well, that's cool, but it's not 10 million."

You flip flop more than Phil Spencers sandals moldy, get over it.

G20WLY448d ago

FFS moldy lmfao

How long would it even take them to make and ship 10 million of these to retail?

You're just trying to buy yourself plenty of time to troll, cast doubt, be negative, whine more, until...

"LO AND BEHOLD! MS made VR, this soooo cool, me love much"!!

You do know Sony are on track to beat their sales target, right? And well over 200,000 played Resi7 on PSVR?

Also, good sales for PSVR will ultimately help MS get off the mark and encourage further development even for PC VR, so rejoice old son, this is good news for you too lol

Now repeat after me, "thank you Sony!"

DigitalRaptor448d ago (Edited 448d ago )

The excuses keep on flowing. You flip flop like the best of them, but Sony apparently "flip flopping" is a problem, even though your point is ultimately inconsequential. Since when does something being considered a "platform" mean it has to be as well supported as the rest of their consoles? PSVR is not a console - by definition it's a peripheral, but Sony considers it a platform for content - it's really, THAT simple.

It also hilarious, because you're supposedly this pro-choice PC gamer but you never spoke out against Microsoft not supporting their very own signature Windows platform for many many years with its games until... very recently (the moment that is most convenient for your agenda). You don't offer balanced criticism yourself and I don't think you ever will.

Could I ask you what insight that article you linked is supposed to provide? I read it and found no quotes from Sony in there.

@ G20WLY

He's waiting for MS to jump in with VR, so that he can try and twist what he can to make Sony look like its somehow offering less choice to its consumers or restricting something or other. You're right about the buying himself time to troll. Just like the pure unadulterated nonsense and pathetic lies he made up with his attempted devaluing of the Pro before it came out.

ShadowKnight448d ago

This sold more than Quantum Break

Liqu1d448d ago

You're really dedicated.

Bathyj448d ago

Why the he'll would they? 1 million vs 60 million? Yeah that makes sense. And let's say they did just hypothetically, you would complain how they were forcing VR on everyone.

Sony will never put the same amount of effort in a side platform over their main platform, just like MS never will on Xbox over windows 10 adoption.

deathtok448d ago (Edited 448d ago )

You can develop a game for the whole base and barely move units. However if you adopt early for a specialty device you're more likely to have a hit.

It's the same rule with launch games--as long as it's not atrocious, sales are great.

Sparta07448d ago

" almost 1 million, thats a decent amount but un til it sells about 10 million "
Well they sold more then the competition combined.
Leave it up to you to try and spin it in a bad way.
Not only that but it's still sold out in any places.

rainslacker447d ago

Know what else outperformed their expectations?

The PS4.

They seem to be supporting that pretty well.

Of course Sony isn't going to put as much support into it as the PS4. There is certainly more money on the PS4 than on PSVR, and probably always will be due to it will always have a larger user base. It doesn't need 10 million to get that support, so long as people buy the software.

First you showed concern because Sony wouldn't release numbers, now you show concern because it hasn't reached 10 million. Seriously, how many PSVR's did you expect to sell in a few months?

Even if Sony sold 10 million already, you'd say they'd be doomed if they can't hit 20 million. You're just so predictable.

freshslicepizza447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

@ rainslacker
"First you showed concern because Sony wouldn't release numbers, now you show concern because it hasn't reached 10 million. Seriously, how many PSVR's did you expect to sell in a few months?"

i said a month ago that the device needs to sell about 10 million before developers will bother putting serious resources into psvr games. i echoed this months ago too. Apocalypse Shadow has repeated himself many times that psvr is like any launch, i disagreed and low and behold i was right. again.

its also much easier to release target numbers 4 months after and then tell everyone they have met them even though many sources claimed those targets numbers were much higher back then than they are now.

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kenwonobi448d ago

Those numbers would be much higher had they planned the launch better. Right now they are decent.

rainslacker447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

Probably would be. I would have brought one, and have seen a lot of other people anxious to get one on the forums, but they could never find them. Personally, I just got a PS4P after giving up until it's more available.

Sony played it safe....which I can understand because it's a pretty new market. Plus I think the shortage of the displays probably made it so they couldn't source it as cheap, or maybe even get the displays they needed to begin with.

I think an expensive peripheral like this would be very hard to predict how well it'd sell. I think if they knew for sure it'd sell this well, they would have made more if they could. Makes no sense to limit the potential sales of the device to try and drum up some short lived hype, and artificial shortages are typically mostly in the media, not the actual stores themselves.

rainslacker447d ago

I guess since Sony actually released numbers then people don't have to be so concerned anymore like they were a couple weeks ago.

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madpuppy448d ago

cool, I am really interested in PSVR, but, I have been burned in the past, so I was taking a wait and see approach, Maybe this summer I will pull the trigger.

MasterCornholio448d ago

Maybe you can buy it during the holidays at a discount. I'm sure there will be some deals with PSVR.

madpuppy448d ago

Yeah, I AM a cheap SOB, that's most likely the right move, thanks. :)

opinionated448d ago

Wait for games. RE7 is the only thing worth playing so far. It's neat, don't get me wrong but it's not worth the price tag at the moment because of software.

WeAreLegion448d ago

RIGS, Thumper, Rez: Infinite, Harmonix Music VR, Arkham VR, How We Soar, Holoball, Battlezone, Bound, DiRT Rally, Eve: Valkyrie, Headmaster, Here They Lie, Job Simulator, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, O! My Genesis, Psychonauts in The Rhombus of Ruin, Super Stardust Ultra VR, Tethered, The Brookhaven Experiment, The Playroom (Free!), Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, Wayward Sky, Werewolves Within, Windlands, and Tumble VR are all well worth their prices.

Not to mention you can watch Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, etc. while lying down on your back. And on massive virtual screens.

Plus, the new firmware beta introduced support for 3D movies. And they look great on it! I can't wait for everyone to get this update.

StarBlood Arena, Farpoint, Star Trek: Bridge Crew, and Tekken 7 all release in the next few months, too. And dozens of Vive developers are porting games to it right now.

ninsigma448d ago

Way more than that worth playing.

Dragonscale448d ago

'RE7 is the only thing worth playing so far'. Sounds like xbone lol.

IamTylerDurden1448d ago (Edited 448d ago )


You are way off. RE7 on PSVR (w/Pro) is the premier way to play the game and it's a remarkable interactive gaming experience. "neat" haha.

There are so many quality experiences and excellent games on PSVR, to say that RE7 is the only thing worth playing is either incredibly naive or just an outright lie fuelled by the fanatical love of another platform.

RE7 - the preeminent experience on VR and one of the best gaming experiences to date.

Dirt Rally - a great AAA fully playable in VR, with added content. Incredible in VR.

Eve Valkyrie - AAA native VR game that is universally loved.

Rigs - AAA PSVR exclusive, an undeniably good game that would be good even if it wasn't in VR.

Rez Infinite - 89 Metacritic. Even better in VR.

Arkham VR - minute for minute the most impressive thing on VR. Developed by Rocksteady themselves.

Rush of Blood - ppl love this game.

Thumper - awesome game that is vastly improved in VR.

Tethered - a fantastic and gorgeous god game built ground up for PSVR.

Bound - a decent, artful game that is elevated to a great game on PSVR (especially with Pro).

I Expect You to Die - 007.. 83 Metacritic.

Eagle Flight - solid flight sim from Ubisoft with high production value.

Job Sim - arguably the most popular game on VR.

Psychonauts - a continuation of Psychonauts 1 and a quality game developed by Double Fine.

Battlezone - a full out game with high production value. 4 player co op, sp, and mp. A blast to play.

Keep Talking Nobody explodes - great asynchronous mp game. 88 Metacritic.

big_dom_strikes_back448d ago

PLaying RE7 entirely in VR is worth the price tag alone. It's unlike anything you've experienced in gaming before, so why not? Also, you're wrong. There's a couple of games well worth playing on it. Rez Infinite being one. Dirt Rally being another. Games like Rigs and Eve are also not too shabby, if you've the VR legs.

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IamTylerDurden1448d ago

Try RE7, Dirt Rally, Arkham VR, Rez Infinite, Rigs, Bound, and Thumper and then tell me what you think..

opinionated448d ago (Edited 448d ago )

[email protected] metacritic scores at me like that means anything. Oh wow critic approval, better go spend 700 dollars on goggles and "vr experiences." I couldn't get the hdr to work when I ran the PS4 through the VR processor. I had to hook the PSVR to my old PS4 on my old tv. I bought the pro and my tv to use hdr so it had to be done.

I have RE7, vrworlds and the demo disc so I have tried many of those. Thumper was alright but I wouldn't buy it. I just bought VR so I haven't tried everything. Many of them I don't even want to try, that's my point. Listing all 20 games available for PSVR isn't an argument. Oh wow look at all of those games with great metacritic scores! It's not worth the initial costs imo.

Save your fanboy shit also lol, it's a pathetic excuse disguised as reasoning. The only one defending a platform here is you, fanboy. Don't project your bullshit on me. I was just being honest with the guy. The only game I have wanted to play was RE7 and it is neat. I don't get what the quotations are about..

I tried demos and I didn't want to buy any of them. You like them? That's great, tell him not me. You're not convincing me of shit. I own the PSVR, I have played the demos. I want to try the batman game but I don't want to pay 20 bucks for it.

Bruneblomst447d ago

[email protected] you don't like the games on psvr that's OK, you could just sell your psvr or give it to somebody who will appreciate it:) why keep it if it makes you so angry, I don't think anyone is trying to convince you, they are just saying their opinions:)✌

opinionated447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

"you don't like the games on psvr that's OK, you could just sell your psvr or give it to somebody who will appreciate it:) why keep it if it makes you so angry, I don't think anyone is trying to convince you, they are just saying their opinions"

You misunderstand. I don't want to sell my PSVR you dummy, I'm not disappointed in my purchase. I bought the PSVR just to play RE7 and farpoint honestly.

Maybe he's like me and he doesn't like those games. Maybe he does, I don't know what he likes. I'm just responding to the guy's post with MY opinion based on MY experience. I don't need some asshole calling me naive or a fanboy because I don't want to play a space flight or job simulator. I don't care what their metacritic scores are. He's not giving me his opinion, he's trying to convince me with metacritic scores like I give a shit. If you like the random PSVR experiences for 20 bucks a pop then good for you, tell him not me. My opinion to his post was that he shouldn't be in any rush, wait for more games. I didn't trash the system, I said it was neat. Get over yourselves, the defense mode is kinda pathetic. "Sell my plastic to someone who will fully appreciate it" like it's a living pet or something lol. Blow.

Profchaos448d ago

I wad the same as you really cautios I decided to make the jump after seeing a second hand bundle including the camera etc for $400 ( total cost where I live in Australia about $700).
So look for second hand owners that are selling due to motion sickness etc ask for an invoice for warranty aswell and your set but also if you don't like it you can sell and break even

FyBy447d ago

Thats wise! VR was always great and Im happy this generation its ready for mass use. I already bought psvr and its excellent! But you shouldnt consider it like concurent for tv. Its complement. Still majority of time you will play on tv.

On top of that, last update (still in beta) added bluray 3d vr playback. Man its really like if you in IMAX. And best blurays so far are that from IMAX.

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Markusb33448d ago

Still sold out in the uk since launch. Same with the pro. I expected both to be in general supply now we are nearly in the 3rd month. Is it cautious manufacturing? Need some new software announcements really

Nivekki448d ago

'Same with the pro.' I've got one being delivered on Tuesday, how is it out of stock?

G20WLY448d ago

They are around now, but for a long time you couldn't get them over the counter. I got one two weeks ago. Went to all the major supermarkets in a large radius, none had any, even online like Tesco direct had none.

Eventually found one in Smyths, but had to ask, as it's obviously not as marketed to young kids as some of the other consoles.

Good to see stock replenishing though, it was infuriating lol!

nowitzki2004448d ago (Edited 448d ago )

I just bought one 2 days ago. only place within 50 miles that had it was BestBuy.

ItMatters448d ago

1 out of every 60 ps4 owners.

DragonDDark448d ago

Your comment history is 1 out of 60 trolling.

ItMatters448d ago

Im just stating a fact. Do you not like facts.

G20WLY448d ago

C'mon be honest, you used a calculator, didn't you! XD

Imalwaysright448d ago

I shouldn't... but I laughed.

JohnWayne_448d ago

Still more then the vive and Oculus cimbined, so how many PC gamers are there? Psvr still has a better ratio shit for brains.

frostypants448d ago

How many VR units have been sold for your console of choice?

UCForce448d ago

Nope, you not starting fact. You starting with your agenda.

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KionicWarlord222448d ago (Edited 448d ago )

Psvr sales are a far cry from what all those analysts were bragging about.

It wont reach 2 million if it continues its course in till December or January at this rate.

And i just noticed that Sony is now saying they want to reach a million by April.

Thats 42 thousand ish units a month for psvr between now and april.

That may offset the climb even more.

TGGJustin448d ago

They haven't been able to keep stock on shelves. Once they do sales could see a huge boost. 915,000 for something so hard to find is pretty damn good.

IamTylerDurden1448d ago

Rookie, analysts predictions were predicated on PSVR being in stock... and they weren't Sony's predictions anyway.