Rumor: Sonic Mania Release Date Outed By Amazon

ThisGenGaming says "Amazon's placeholder date has changed to a much more realistic release date."

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shockwave4life627d ago

Who gives a $/#£!! When was the last time Sonic was relevant???......1993?? The last good game was Sonic 3 period!

Cy627d ago

Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Sonic 3 is half a game, dude.

The 10th Rider627d ago

Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Dark Brotherhood, Sonic Generations, Sonic Colors, both Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing games . . .

There's been plenty of good Sonic games since Sonic 3. Maybe not 'fantastic' or 'incredible', but certainly enjoyable and fun games, albeit with flaws.

shockwave4life627d ago

Really??? Those games are garbage!

deafdani627d ago

I've also seen a lot of fans saying that Sonic Lost World is much better than game critics made it out to be.

NotoriousWhiz627d ago

And seeing as this game comes real close to going back to what made sonic 3 great....

conanlifts627d ago (Edited 627d ago )

If they didn't sell and there wasn't any demand they wouldn't keep making them. Plus if you don't give a $/#£!! then why comment.
No idea if i will buy this, but i am interested to see how it turns out.

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Segata627d ago

Mine still says May. Hoping it is May. Persona 5 CE and Dragon Quest Heroes 2 and Sonic Mania CE...I'd be broke lol

Elda627d ago (Edited 627d ago )


ZeekQuattro627d ago

I'll take it. I've been watching gameplay and it looks very promising.

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