Top 5 Hopes for Mass Effect Andromeda

FGE - The first Mass Effect trilogy is often noted as the Star Wars of videogames (original, not the prequels), and it isn’t hard to see why. The games featured a truly compelling story, companions who felt real and authentic, and some of the most tense and heart-breaking scenes ever featured in a videogame. It’s easy to see why Bioware have been acclaimed for producing some of the best RPG’s of all time. With the release of Mass Effect Andromeda just around the corner, here is a list of features I hope will be included in this highly-anticipated release.

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BlakHavoc654d ago

Just please be a game worth remembering. Too many games this generation have been underwhelming. We've gotten a lot of good ones, but for me the last game I played that was truly amazing was TLOU.

SaveFerris654d ago

'I remember allowing the Rachni queen to live in Mass Effect 1, which resulted in her being a powerful ally in Mass Effect 3. I was amazed how a choice I made had purpose.'
Strange, I remember having to fight the offspring corrupted by the Reapers because the queen was captured. It was only after releasing the queen that she becomes a war asset, not really a 'powerful ally'.

'Maybe a similar choice to the Ashley and Kaiden scenario?' Apparently Bioware stated your companions cannot be killed.

'we’ve seen Peebee – a character who isn’t your typical Asari, but in fact she seems quite the opposite.'
Liara wasn't a typical Asari either as she was a Pureblood, and preferred to work on remote digs researching the Protheans. Samara and Morinth were also not typical Asari.