Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann said: “We know nothing about the film.”

Sirus Gaming reports: "There were news regarding about an Uncharted movie last month, and we were really excited for it. A script was already drafted by the A-Team and Smokin’ Ace director, Joe Carnahan, — UnGeek PH reports — however, in a recent Twitter post from Naughty Dog’s Creative Director, Neil Druckmann, he tweeted that: “We know nothing about the film.”

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UCForce632d ago

Video Game Movie is just hard and sucks especially you don't have enough budget for it and rush without thinking. Here the thing, movie based on video game and game based on movie are not very good. Even few of them can do decent, but most majority are not so well.

psychometer632d ago

If it was CGI, then there's more likely a possibility that it will be good. I love the RE CGI films than the live-action one, even FFVII: Advent Children was a success.

If they were to make a movie out of Uncharted, best way is to go for CGI and keep voices like Nolan North to still have that original Drake vibe.

632d ago
Kosic631d ago

Also, when a game is a multi part series, there's going to be too much lore to pick from. Warcraft is just full of too much story, but it never feels like it's enough to great it high ratings.

It's like silent hill the 2nd movie. Felt they spent too much time with the story that they had to rush why Heather went back to Silent Hill.

But I'm glad those movies are made the way they were. Hell we could've had another laughable Resident Evil movie.

-Foxtrot632d ago

So much for being so involved with it. Seems like it was just big talk so people would be more open to the film..."oh ND is involved it's got a big chance of being good".

I don't even think the Uncharted film should happen, not unless they follow the games script as close as possible with Nolan, Emily and Richard on board which will not happen ever as Hollywood are morons. I'll tell you it would be a lot cheaper hiring Amy Hennig to re-tool the Drakes Fortune script to film format then hiring a big writer who knows nothing about the games.

UCForce632d ago

But Amy is working on Star War. She is big fan of Star War.

UCForce632d ago

Or it could CGI animated movie which could work.

Raider69632d ago

I hope Sony stop the nonsense of trying to bring Uncharted to the movie totally against and from the looks even ND dont want an Uncharted movie for good reason.

zodiac909632d ago

Feels like a mistake without at least having SOME input from Naughty Dog for the film..

Bathyj632d ago

Good. You just focus on The Last of Us II Neil. Leave movies to movie makers.

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