Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.02 Favor Resolution vs Performance 1080p Screenshot Comparison

Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.02 Introduced a new visual toggle allowing users to favor performance or resolution. Here is what it does.

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Neonridr606d ago

my 4K OLED is so ready. This will be the first game that will truly make me appreciate my new TV.

nX606d ago

This is the game that actually made me buy my 4k TV. I won't even watch Netflix or 4k BluRays on it, I was just waiting for the right 4k games to come out.

jukins606d ago

Don't jip yourself even 4k netflix looks amazing. I've rewatched a few series just because of how good it looks in 4k . Of course not as pristine as 4k bluray but still miles better than 1080p

Fishy Fingers606d ago (Edited 606d ago )

Bit of a waste.. I immediately got a free Netflix uhd month trial to try some 4k content. Watched any old s*** at first as long as it was 4k.

Jealous of the oled. Just counldnt justify it. Next one though.

nX606d ago

^Well my gf will make me watch 4k Netflix anyway. It's just that she doesn't know I bought this thing for Horizon, Gran Turismo and God Of War :D

ger2396606d ago

Wow, according to the disagrees, you don't know what you're talking about. How dare you make a personal choice. /s

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its_JEFF606d ago

Damn, gonna look amazing on that TV!

Ashunderfire86605d ago

You got to try Uncharted 4 on that TV right now! It looks great on my KS8000 TV

Neonridr603d ago

lol.. I am so backlogged that I haven't had a chance to try Uncharted 4. Still trying to finish my Uncharted collection first so I am caught up :P

Phill-Spencer606d ago

I'll go with super sampling because frankly i am more bothered about jaggies than performance dips.

Abriael606d ago

Honestly, I really can't see jaggies either way. It's more a bit of definition on rough surfaces and vegetation.

605d ago
cellfluid606d ago

Waste of a patch. If it's not enhancing the frames then why call it favored performance?

Abriael606d ago

Because it DOES enhance frame rates. Just not by much. It's fully stable instead of dipping very slightly in some areas. Options are good.

cellfluid606d ago

it should have said stabilized frames instead of what's in the title... I'm still gonna get it tho.. I'll be an #earlykoppers gonna upload some vids on YouTube as well.. Channel name Wazikix

freshslicepizza606d ago

lots were hoping it would get higher frame rates than 30 and i agree, the game was already pretty stable at 30 and NOBODY was complaining before about frame rate dips. seems odd to now have a favored performance when its not much difference.

EmperorRosko606d ago

Probably need to look at them on a larger screen than your phone.

UnHoly_One606d ago

I can't see anything either.

UnHoly_One605d ago

Just for the record, for all of the disagreeing people...

I think the game looks absolutely spectacular. And I'm totally going to get it.

I just do not see one single thing different in those images. But I rarely could in the old 900p vs 1080p comparisons that everyone was up in arms about 2 years ago either.

I just literally do not see it.

My vision is good, I'm starting to wear reading glasses now because I'm getting old, but I can see fine, I swear. lol

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The story is too old to be commented.