Mass Effect Andromeda Gets Awesome New Trailer on Guns and Biotics, PC System Requirements

BioWare shows more of Mass Effect Andromeda, reveals weapon specs and PC system requirements.

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milohighclub483d ago (Edited 483d ago )

love the series so would have bought it anyway but this is the first trailer I've seen that's actually sold me the game.

SojournUK482d ago

I spotted that at the end of the trailer too. Maybe it's referring to the briefing dude.

Vhampir482d ago

The only gameplay the public has ever seen is the leaked stuff(jump jets). Every single video EA has put out says "Not actual gameplay", "Captured in engine" or "Captured in engine. Representative of game experience." (in other words: in-game scripted cutscene )

3 weeks from launch, and we still get "Not actual gameplay." still. Even Ubisoft only pulls this stuff a year or two before release.

milohighclub482d ago (Edited 482d ago )

Vhampir18h ago
"Not actual gameplay."

couldn't care less.

all the gun play n biotic use and jet pack will be real. the level they are using is clearly a test level and the dude talking is clearly not gameplay, this is probably what it is referring to. some people like to piss and moan for the sake of it. chill out n enjoy the content.


483d ago
MyDietEqualsGames483d ago (Edited 483d ago )

They are using butterface to display the biotics and combat features. I suppose it's to get more attention, seeing as she is a topic at the moment.

Not a bad video. Like the smoke effects and the lighting to a certain degree. My only problem is that if Horizon is as good as people are saying, then moving to this game after Horizon would be like moving out of a 100 Million Dollar Mansion and into a nice Condo, over looking the sea.

Hope I am wrong, though. ME is one of my favorite series that came out of last gen.

Elit3Nick482d ago

Aw yiss Blood Pack Punisher SMG spotted, my favorite SMG from ME3's multiplayer, now we just need the Executioner pistol, Graal Spike Thrower, Striker assault rifle and the Javelin and Krysae sniper rifles.

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