DFG: Is L.A. Noire Coming To The Nintendo Switch?

There have been rumors stirring as of the possibility of L.A. Noire making it's way to the Nintendo Switch so we break it down and discuss the possibility of it happening.

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FallenAngel1984506d ago (Edited 506d ago )

You'd soon see Rockstar port GTAV to NS than LA Noire.

Seriously if you haven't seen this game be remastered on PS4 or XO yet why you think that it has a chance to be on NS

506d ago
MasterCornholio506d ago

I wouldn't mind seeing cheap XB360/PS3 generation ports come to the Nintendo Switch. But it needs to have the newest titles from 3rd parties as well.

_-EDMIX-_506d ago

Well that's technically not even possible considering how weak the actual platform it is, I mean you would like to see that but you have to understand that's no different than expecting to see those titles on Playstation 3 or 360.

I understand it "needs" to have those newer third party titles but technically speaking it needed to have the hardware before it even entertained the idea of getting that support

EddieNX 506d ago

Its more powerful than and has 8 times as much ram as 360 even in handheld mode, and its using modern chips that make it easier to port dx11 equivalent. So no, it should be way easier and more realistic to port something like Mass effect Andromeda for example to Switch. It would be impossible on 360.

_-EDMIX-_506d ago

My reference has nothing to do with the switch being weaker than the Playstation 3 or 360 it's simply saying that based on the power level of the platform itself that is like expecting developers to start creating games for the previous platforms.

Regardless of power difference the same reason why you saw Arkham Knight not appear on the Wii U is likely the same reason you won't see it appear on the switch and has nothing to do with simply being stronger than the Playstation 3 or 360 it has everything to do with NOT being at the least specs of the Xbox One.

As it stands if you expect to get third-party support by Major companies the platform still needs to be at the very least the Xbox One specs.

Simply because when did you see companies go out of their way to support of the last generation platforms after they've moved on? It has nothing to do with one having a 3 on it in the other having a 4 on it and has everything to do with the previous platform not being strong enough.

If Sony released a PlayStation 6 tomorrow and essentially skip five and it was as powerful as a PlayStation 3 you would actually likely still see developers avoid supporting it because it would not be as strong as other platforms.

It's actually not saying anything about being weaker or stronger than the 360 that's actually irrelevant the point is it's not as strong as a platforms third parties are supporting in the first place so why should they spend extra money and change their entire game for a system that is weaker? Did they do that for the Wii U?

Did they do that for the Wii?

So why would this be any different?

BlackIceJoe506d ago (Edited 506d ago )

With PS4 and Xbox One not getting a remaster I doubt the Switch will see the game. That being said I so would love to see this, because it opens the doors to a sequel and that is one series that deserves more.

_-EDMIX-_506d ago

Lol this is technically confirming that la.noire is going to be remastered for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One while the switch will get the last generation port

_-EDMIX-_506d ago

It basically does if we're going to say all I know is coming to the switch by default it's likely already coming to Playstation 4 and Xbox one because it's financially doesn't even make sense to bring it to apart form with no install best verses to platforms with tens of millions of units.

To confirm that it exists for the switch in essence is to confirm that it exists for PlayStation 4 and Xbox one cuz I find it extremely difficult to actually fathom it would not release on other platforms.

EddieNX 506d ago

Just speculation, it doesn't confirm anything. If they wannamake a handheld version of LA noir that doesn't necessarily mean they wanna make a full console remaster, I mean they might but that's all we can really speculate.

_-EDMIX-_506d ago

Lol I'm sorry but even if you want it as speculation to have some sort of logic it doesn't actually make sense for them to make a version for the switch and ignored the largest current install base for console gamers, it doesn't even remotely make even slight sense.

So they want to make money but they also kind of don't also want to make money?


OK bud.

Chances are if a Switch version is announced they're likely announcing other versions cuz it doesn't even make sense to exclude the largest install base , they're doing this to make money so why on Earth would they not make other versions?

So where's the logic in this? So they don't want to make money suddenly? 😂😂😂

I'm sorry but your logic is so flawed I find it absolutely hilarious that you don't even see it within your post, so they want to make a version to make money but they also don't want to make other versions that would technically make them more money?

But let's put it on the platform with no install base versus the two other platforms with literally 70 million units?

Ummmmm ok. 🙃

That is so unlikely it is literally insane I'm sorry but you're going to have to explain why they would actually neglect to do this while also making a version with a lesser install base because it damn well isn't to make money

simple math could tell you that.


To what benefit is it to the publisher to not release it on a larger install base?

506d ago
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