Nintendo Are Suing Tokyo Go Cart Company For Copyright Infringement

Nintendo have decided to launch a copyright suit against a go cart company operating in Tokyo for infringing upon Nintendo's copyright.

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Neonridr481d ago

Silly really. Nintendo should be embracing this as free PR for them. I mean everyone sees this and they immediately think of Nintendo. Free word of mouth and exposure.

pandehz479d ago (Edited 479d ago )

But it also cheapens it.

_-EDMIX-_479d ago

I agree they could have used this as a wonderful opportunity the show The fandom of Nintendo by simply extending their hand or at the very least making a deal with them to license it out for the most part that's how a lot of these disputes get settled the company simply just asked them to recognized the copyright and license it out at the very least.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory479d ago

You do know that they are making money on something they have no permission to use.
The problem is them promoting Nintendo properties without their permission making money.

Would want someone taking your property and promoting it and making money without your permission.

479d ago