Five Gameplay Changes We Need To See In FIFA 18

ThisGenGaming says "So we are nearly half way through FIFA 17’s lifetime, and most people are still enjoying the game. It is one of the only FIFA games which EA has supported so much, with them bringing out so much content for it. Almost every week we see something new, such as a new squad builder challenge. But what about game-play. EA is known for their sports games having game-play issues. Even though FIFA 17 doesn’t have many issues, here are five game-play changes we need to see happen in FIFA 18."

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TheSinsibleOne575d ago

A ground breaking feature called "tackling"- where you tackle a player and you actually get the ball BACK and not towards another opposition player(Seriuosly it happens every time)
Passing is faster. Because it's taking too damn long when a player is wide open for 5 mins.
The CPU is very VERY stupid(fix that)
Get rid of that stupid sliding shoot animation.
Last but not least. Will you please for the love of God! Don't take FOREVER to take a shot on goal. Especially when I'm right in front of the damn net.

TheSinsibleOne575d ago

1 more thing. Stop making 2 players jump for the same ball. EVERY SINGLE CORNER!

575d ago