Kojima shares teasing pictures of female actress scanning session

Kojima shared some pictures of a photogrammetry session going on at the studio, using 3D scanning. It looks like he’s capturing a female actress, you can see an out of focus reflection in the mirror.

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DarkOcelet658d ago

That looks like Alicia Vikander. I hope am right. She is awesome.

BrianOBlivion658d ago

LOL! @ "That looks like Alicia Vikander"

Yes, Alicia IS delicious, but that reflection in the mirror looks like a blob that could be interpreted as a human being, possibly female. Did you see some other picture?

DarkOcelet657d ago

Nope, just speculating. I guess her height and black hair gave it away but I am pretty sure i could be totally wrong. Still hope its her though.

MyDietEqualsGames657d ago

Your eyes must be off. I see a slender female frame in that frame.

BrianOBlivion657d ago (Edited 657d ago )

@ MyDietEqualsGames
Oh yes, it IS! I see it now! How could I not recognize her!?

italiangamer658d ago

There are rumors about Emma Stone (and even Ryan Gosling), Kojima loved La La Land and tweeted constantly about it. The head is wearing a Lionsgate hat and La La Land was distributed by Summit Entertainment which is owned by Lionsgate. Coincidence much ?

ThatTeddyBear658d ago

Ryan Gosling isn't an odd enough actor in my mind for a role in a Kojima game. Hope he gets in more odd celebs. I've always liked Billy Bob Thornton in an add sort of way. Unsure if even he would work. Anyway I'm ranting.
Looking forward anyway to what is announced soon :)

ZombieGamerMan658d ago

I think I might as well say it, Kojima needs to stop using hollywood actors. They aren't the only actors around and if he keeps modeling characters after them then how are we going to have iconic characters when they are just hollywood actors

Thatguy-310657d ago

If the performance is done right I don't see what the problem is. There's nothing wrong with them being Hollywood actors.

ZombieGamerMan657d ago

@ Thatguy-310 well look at it like this. When we see Snake we can recognize him based on his iconic look but can we say the same 10 years from now over Norman Reedus' character? When we see a picture of Norman reedus are we going to think oh hey it's Death Stranding guy or are we going to think Daryl

firelogic658d ago

It's Charlize Theron. Fury Road is his favourite movie of all time. He watched it like 20 times in the span of a year.

Thatguy-310658d ago

the picture that shows the silhouette of a female looks like emma stone. Hopefully she's in it.

SaveFerris657d ago

Didn't she appear as a character/voice work in Sleeping Dogs?

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