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XMessiah23x271d ago

Miranda Lawson no need to continue the rest all pale in comparison.

ClayRules2012271d ago

Hey, bite your tongue. Lol. Just joking. Miranda's wonderful tho. Definitely one of my favorite female game characters.

My top 3

1. Elena Fisher. I fell in love ( don't judge me ) lol, with her in Drake's Fortune. Always have a special place in my gaming heart.

2. Ellie/The Last of Us - Ellie is the most Real/Believable gaming character ( aside from Joel ) that I've ever seen. She had heart,

3. Madison Paige/Heavy Rain - She was such a wonderful, interesting, and mysterious character. She was the only character out've the 4 that I was able to keep alive on my first playthrough.

jitrel271d ago

Lara and Celementie! <3

_-EDMIX-_271d ago

Doesn't have The Joy listed.....

It seems you did it wrong