Square Enix's New RPG IP "Project Prelude Rune" Gets New Art: Hideo Baba Wants to Stick to Consoles

Project Prelude Rune Director Hideo Baba talks more about the new IP he is building for Square Enix, and shows new concept art.

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Kashima577d ago

Another 10+ years game?

_-EDMIX-_577d ago

I mean, probably if you consider square has ported lots of their games before

consider we are getting a remaster of Final Fantasy 12 on PlayStation 4 this year I mean consider we got a remastered Final Fantasy 10 on PlayStation 4 and we're also getting the Kingdom Hearts Collection on PlayStation 4.

so even though your comment might be meant as a joke I don't believe it's unrealistic to assume that they're going to continue porting and revising those games.

I mean considering we got Final Fantasy 7 on PlayStation 4 in HD

Cmv38577d ago

Hmmmm, a game from a guy named 1 purchase from me. I don't even have to read the article.

GameBoyColor577d ago

just so you know, his last couple tales games have been mediocre before his departure with namco.

gangsta_red577d ago

This is the truth. Xillia 2 and definitely Zestria were terrible.

gangsta_red577d ago

"Yet, there is one thing that he is willing to say: he has a strong desire to stick to consoles."

This is very good to hear, I was hoping that this new RPG would be on consoles...

"Of course, he admits that business opportunities are expanding, so he would still like to also consider all the platforms with good business outlooks, including smartphones."

Now I am a sad panda.

Chaosdreams577d ago

*rolls over in a ball*

Panda sad, panda no like.

But yeah, here's hoping that this IP becomes a console game, or PC, or both. As for a smartphone adaption. Meh.