Interview: Major Nelson talks Halo Wars 2, E3 2017, and Project Scorpio

GameZone: "Last week, I had the sincere pleasure of speaking with the director of programming for Xbox Live, Larry Hryb AKA Major Nelson."

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Overload458d ago

"They’re really excited about what it can do, but what we’re really excited about is the vision of it. A new member of the Xbox family, where your games can go forward with it."

"your games can go forward with it" is a much different statement than all games with be made for both.

Neonridr458d ago

I think it's lending itself that all games from Xbox One will work with it. So while it may be next gen, it will still have a large library available to it.

Honestly I look at it as another PS4 Pro.

Overload458d ago

I'm not talking about how people view it, what he says is a very flexible statement in determining if this is their mid gen upgrade or a next gen system with backwards compatibility. "Go forward with" and "all games will be made on both (no one left behind)" are 2 very different statements.

Neonridr458d ago

@Overload - definitely. But I mean this was also an on-the-spot interview.. we will have to wait for the official unveil to know for sure.

Overload458d ago (Edited 458d ago )

"But I mean this was also an on-the-spot interview.. we will have to wait for the official unveil to know for sure."

I agree, it is not a confirmation of anything, just an interesting change in delivery.

Neonridr458d ago

@Overload - for sure.. I am cautiously optimistic about the Scorpio. But won't believe anything until I see it.

JasonKCK457d ago

@Neonridr of course you are

Neonridr457d ago

@JasonKCK - should I not be? I mean I am a gamer.. so new tech always excites me.

Wii U, PS4 (Pro), 3DS, Vita, Oculus Rift, PSVR, Windows 10 gaming PC and a Switch next Friday. Can you tell I like to game?

JasonKCK457d ago

Neonridr you have said all this before, was all I was saying.

game4funz457d ago

What a big fuss over nothing. Lol
They've said... At last e3... Games made on both. Done. Unless they do a big event in which they change course it is very safe to assume nothing has changed.

To say it's a change of delivery is absurd. You're literally trying to find a difference somewhere. Nitpicking on words and language policing.

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TheCommentator457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

Yes, it is much different. XB360 games aren't made for XB1 OR Scorpio, but can go forwards with an investment into Scorpio just the same. Alternatively, any game made for XB1 before Scorpio was in development would not have been made for Scorpio either, but would also go forwards.

New game releases, however, are all going to be made to support both XB1 and Scorpio, perhaps with the exception of VR software. Existing games can also still take advantage of Scorpio through patches just like the Pro is seeing today, or in cases where resolution or framerate is dynamic it will boost automatically like with the XB1S.

rainslacker456d ago

You may be reading too much into it. Major Nelson isn't exactly known for using words which express what he's trying to say very well. He often comes back and clarifies what he says.

christocolus458d ago

Nice Interview. We will know more at E3.

denawayne457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

My prediction is Scorpio will be a new generation console with the thought that all Xbox One and Xbox 360 games will "move forward" onto it.

IMO, it will be up to the publishers if they want to create games that will be exclusive to Scorpio (but have a smaller user base) or create a game that is compatible with Scorpio as well as Xbox One (with a larger user base).

Disagree all you want (which most Sony fanboys do to positive comments in Xbox articles) but the writing is on the wall. Why would I want to upgrade my Xbox One to a system with better specs if all I'm getting is a higher resolution? Especially if I don't own a 4K TV. Just seems silly.

Automatic79458d ago

Short and straight to the point interview.

alb1899457d ago

They are very close with the project. When you see leak info about Scorpio in the future it will be because they intentionally provide it.