Farewell to the Wii U – Top 5 Exclusive Games

With the Nintendo Switch launching next Friday and games like Horizon Zero Dawn for PS4 which many are predicting will be one of the year's top sellers releasing next week, the stalwart Wii U that was home to some legitimately engaging games in spite of largely lacklustre sales will be sailing off into the distance to be remembered as an odd step in Nintendo's unique console history.  In honour of our comrade of the last few years, Game Usagi presents a list of our top 5 exclusive Wii U titles that deserve to be played and remembered not for their sales, but for the joy they can still bring even as other fancier Nintendo hardware is shortly set to take the stage.

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ninsigma662d ago

My favorite games on it were mario 3D world, captain toad treasure tracker and wind waker. 3 amazing games that are definitely worth playing.

Godmars290662d ago (Edited 662d ago )


Where can i get one for under $200?

And when I say "under" I mean $150. $149. $148. $147.

(Quick somebody stop me! I'm a slasher - of prices!)
((Need to actually see that movie.))

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shockwave4life660d ago

We'll be saying farewell to the switch in about 2 to 3 yrs also!!!! And we'll be comparing the 2 systems cause there gonna have the same exact problems!!