Square Enix Announces New RPG IP "Project Prelude Rune" Directed by Tales' Hideo Baba

Square Enix creates the new development team Studio Istolia, aiming to create a new RPG IP code named Project Prelude Rune.

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TheGamez100578d ago (Edited 578d ago ) long as its not on mobile, I'll keep an eye out for this one. Also isnt baba still with namco? Guess hes just with square for awhile?

Abriael578d ago

I couldn't find any info on Baba's current situation. He kind of completely disappeared after Zestiria. I haven't seen him at any event related to Berseria.

MyDietEqualsGames578d ago

You're doing a fine job. Keep us posted.

gangsta_red578d ago

"He kind of completely disappeared after Zestiria."

If he's the guy responsible for Zestria then I would understand his disappearance.

Seraphim578d ago

actually it doesn't say anything about the studio being part of Square Enix. My guess is Baba left Bandai Namco and started this new company. First of which is likely a publishing/funding deal with Square for this game. Even on the Project Istolia website there's no mention of SE; at least not in English. Guess in time we'll know more.

The mascot looks great and the game will surely be incredible if it's on console. Chalk it up as one I'm definitely keeping my eyes on.

Abriael578d ago

Actually, looks like my writer did not notice that part in the press release (it's fixed now), but Studio Istolia is indeed a wholly owned subsidiary of Square Enix.

This doesn't fully clarify Baba's employment situation (even if the studio is mostly formed by devs who joined SE recently, so he probably is among them), but the studio is not independent.

Pantz578d ago

love the art, plz don't be mobile

MyDietEqualsGames576d ago

Everything in the press about the goals for the project points to a triple AAA RPG. Attempting to start a strong, new brand is no easy task. I wish them the best of luck.

shammgod578d ago

exactly...i came on here to see if its mobile or not

GameBoyColor578d ago

I believe he left bamco after zestiria released. It was either because it flopped so hard and the fans turned on him, or he felt he was just bot cut out for it anymore. Through his interview it seems he is fully employed by square now

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milkshake2578d ago

That's an interesting collaboration.
A square game with a combat system of Tales games?
Sign me up.

milkshake2578d ago

If it's like the last Star Ocean, no I'll pass.

ifrit_caress578d ago

I hope the game is on console, and if it's good, I will get it for free on PS +

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