Xbox 360 Live subscription price cut to under $40

From Punch Jump: " this week discounted Microsoft Corp's Xbox Live subscription for the Xbox 360 to under $40 in the latest wave of video game price cuts."

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lnfinite3314d ago

It's Clearance Time,all Flops must Leave Inventory

3314d ago
lnfinite3314d ago

Do not worry,Pigs dont have Feelings,only Stinky Fur and Snotty Snouts is what they Possess

theKiller3313d ago

the bots love paying for it 50$ a year

-_-3314d ago

[[even amazon doesnt support the xbox 360]]

ape0073314d ago

good step

but 30$ a year would be better

Anton Chigurh3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

you pay more than 40$ to fill your car's tank for one week or less and you can't pay 40$ for a yearly subscription ???

jmare3314d ago

It's the fact that there are other options that are free. That is why most people have a problem paying for Live. It's like buying oxygen instead of just breathing.

Megatron083314d ago

Well people buy oxgen all the time and if you know of a free way to get a gold membership to XBL we'd all love to hear.

oH and there are something like 12 million people on XBL so obviously very few people have a problem paying for it.

DiabloRising3314d ago

Very few? Nicely done. Good job ignoring the people who play online for free on the PS3 or the PC. Very few indeed.

jmare3314d ago

I guess I must have been referring to all the people with Silver accounts or play online with their PCs or PS3s. I couldn't have been referring to them. And I'm sure you asked all 12 million Gold members whether or not they like having to pay just to play online? People don't like having to pay for food, but they do. And if you want to play online on the 360, you have to.

rogimusprime3314d ago

drop the price 10 bucks after you've grown fat from charging 50 for almost 30 years. And that's only the 1yr subscription right?

you can make the argument that its cheaper than other things we buy, but its still 50 bucks just to connect. You can't get anywhere without gas and you die without food, that's a stupid comparison.

They make $hitloads off of old A$$ content like movies from the 80's and TV shows you can get elsewhere for free. They also have Xbox live arcade....plenty of streams of revenue. They don't need to rape you just to connect and play with friends...especially since that's what their "it's good to play together campaign" is trying to do.

I pay for it, but I enjoy sony's free service better. Who here honestly WANTS to pay for it. I just do it because more of my friends are on it than PS3...I suspect others do as well.

Did they drop the price of the 1 month and 3 months subscriptions, or do they just want you to bite for the whole year?

Rofflecopter3314d ago

i also enjoy sony's service thanks to it being free, but i also pay because of where most of my friends are.. the reason xbl isnt free is because microsoft hosts the servers, whereas on the playstation it is the developers job to do that. therefore, no cost to sony means no cost to us. a cost to microsoft means they overcharge to make a huge profit off of what costs them very little in respect to how much they make off of it.

Lord Vader3314d ago

Lol, good stuff but I paid $39.99 for my 13 month ( yes 13, you get a year + 1 month, very common ) subscription just 4 months ago. Amazon always runs good deals on xbl cards. All you have to do is use or for best price. I've never paid $50, except my first year when I bought the card with my x360 from Best Buy.

thewhoopimen3314d ago

according to your theory, I would want the PSN's developer servers then... Why would i want to share my game bandwidth playing bad company with ppl playing cod4, halo3, shadowrun, and 30+ other games off of MS's same servers?

PATthePlague3314d ago

why isn't this service free?

thebudgetgamer3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

it would be better if they gave you dedicated servers but you are paying for peer to peer and its just not as good.
feature wise its worth the price its just the server issues that keep me away

N4Flamers3314d ago

if you dont like paying for gas then ride a bike or walk. There are allways options. If you dont like paying for live then dont. I think we all wish it was free. Why do people even argue that but the fact is that it isn't. I dont like paying for cable because I get T.V. for free. Same arguement (I think cable is way overpriced by the way) Still live is cheaper.

Willio3313d ago

1st party games from Sony offers own servers for multiplayer. It does cost Sony to offer free SonyLive.

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HighDefinition3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )


It should be FREE, or max 10 bucks.

Don`t Hate, Debate.

EDit: To those who disagree, PC gaming OFFERS just as MUCH and MORE for FREE.

ape0073314d ago

that what I call WHINING imo

GameOn3314d ago

Cheaper is always nicer, but it is worth the money.

HighDefinition3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

PC gaming and PS3 gaming are FREE and always will be. Especially PC gaming which almost always has MODs, something which XBL doesn`t allow.


You were saying?


"but it is worth the money"

So is PC gaming.

Close_Second3314d ago

...they need to charge 1 XBL subscription per console and not per XBL account. This is the No.1 reason I gave up playing on-line on the 360 as I now have 3 kids old enough to want to play on-line and there is no way I'm paying for XBL x 3.

If Sony did that then it would kill a game like Little Big Planet.

GameOn3314d ago

You can usually have guests play with you on xbox live.
You only need separate accounts if you want to play together in ranked matches.

DevastationEve3314d ago

Close_Second hit it pretty well on the head. I love my x360, but when I see that you have to pay PER account, it can add up. Roommates tell me "so I have to play the game on YOUR account if I want to get online". Yep. It truly sux.

(breath in...breath in)

MICROSOFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!
ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

OOG3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )


Uh.... nothing would satisfy you about the 360 so how about stop being a fanboy and stay in your ps3 articles.

@Close second

Yeah dude I totally see what you mean about having kids etc and having multiple accounts that pretty crappy...they should have some time of family bundle er something for people like you.....but having on live account and being able to go online with multiple profiles would get rid of the whole reason behind having profiles etc because people would stat whore by using multiple profiles in games in order to rank up....which the 1 account at least prevents a bit.....

but I do still understand what you mean.

@HD below....

dude like really if you think your not a fanboy then you are retarded all you do is try to post first in almost every single 360 article and usually have quite the negative mouthful to say.....usually nothing productive how about keeping to the stuff you like instead just infecting this site with your fanboyism.

HighDefinition3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

Funny Ive already owned a 360 and I`m buying another when the PRO is $199.

So, think what you must.

Edit: Like I said, think what you must

thor3314d ago

My household has 3 PSN accounts. That would cost a LOT per year on live. It's all very well having an online system with achievements/friends but if you then have to share that account (or pay for a new one) those features are either downgraded or expensive.

beans3314d ago

That wouldn't make since to allow you to open 3 totally seperate accounts although it would be nice. We share one account at my house and friends list but all have different screen names to play each of our game saves seperatly.

This is a good deal as far as I'm concerned and as long as I don't mind paying I see nothing wrong with this discounted price. Now I just need to get each of my little ones an arcade this holiday so they can start there own live accounts.

joeynox3314d ago

pc gaming offers too many problems, system spec/lag, viruses, anything. Im a pc gamer also but a network like live andpsn is much better than open pc gaming because on a pc thers no standard. Also $40 - $50 for live is worth it and And Ive been paying for it Since day 1 launch.If psn was $50 id pay for it aswell. If you cant afford it recycle some soda cans :)

Megatron083314d ago

Well MS is adding a ton of new features to the dashboard. Maybe one will address the issue about not allowing to use more then on profile on an account

beans3314d ago

I'm sorry guys but it just wouldn't make since to allow you to have 3 or 4 gamertags on one console with separate friends lists for 40 or 50 bucks unless you couldn't transfer the account. That would be a steal if you set up a bunch of accounts and then transferred them to other 360's with out paying for them.

Megatron083314d ago

Bean it wouldnt be that hard to do they could simple link the account or something. So like you sign in to 1 account then from then there you could pick a profile that is on that account

beans3314d ago

Yeah I guess anything is possible and we will just have to wait and see.

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MaximusPrime3314d ago

Free is better.

*back to playing Burnout Paradise online on my PS3 *