5 Potential Conflicts For The Next Call Of Duty

HPP: With Activision stating they will 'return Call Of Duty to its roots'. We look at potential conflicts the franchise could explore in the next instalment.

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derkasan458d ago

The American Revolutionary War could be pretty good.

annoyedgamer457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

Yes yes, 2 min musket reload. Talk about some insane quickscoping.

derkasan457d ago

Gotta make every shot count.

Fishy Fingers457d ago

I'd love it to be the Vietnam War.

esmittystud101457d ago

Can we get something other than the same three path mp map design? It's been the same for how may years now. Literally look at all the maps in all the games.......they are all the same basically with a diffrent coat of paint. All offence, no defence. They are set up for you to die and die fast.

One time I wana see a map with options. Not this "you can only go three paths" to meet the enemy in a larger middle area.

bondsmx457d ago

I'm really torn on this.. I've been extremely burnt out on duty for a few years now..
Bf1 is doing WW1. So I say no go there.
WW2 has been done to death.
Veitnam maybe?
Modern? Maybe?
I am very happy it's going "back to its roots" and am welcoming boots on the ground gameplay. But I don't really know where it should go time wise.

kevnb457d ago

Give people what they want, let them fight isis.

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