Rainbow Six Hints Towards Potential Assassin’s Creed Game In Japan?

A keen eyed bloke over at Reddit managed to spot an interesting addition to one of the custom outfits in Rainbow Six Siege

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Goldby663d ago

talks about a an outfit from Rainbow Six, doesn't include photo....

Kreisen663d ago

That actually sounds awesome. I will definitly buy if i get to be a ninja flying across rooftops beheading people.

CorndogBurglar663d ago

I would rather have a reboot of Tenchu.

Unoriginalplayer644d ago

I wish there was a way to agree more than once on this comment!

Kaneki-Ken663d ago

Let's go!. Finally something interesting again but I don't think the story will even move the plot in the present .

zivtheawesome663d ago

well i think that syndicate has set the stage for the modern world. it has also showed us the templars plans if i remember correctly so this may finally make the plot move again.

Kaneki-Ken663d ago

Well hopefully but I have expectations from Ubisoft.

Discobastrd663d ago





(then make a bad film of it)

latinlegend81663d ago

I remember seeing an article and someone drew some pictures of what it would look like a couple years ago and if they decide to make it. It'll definitely get me into the series again.

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