File sizes for numerous Switch games

Nintendo has updated its Japanese website with the file sizes for a number of upcoming Switch games.

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CocoaBrother666d ago

32 gigs for Dragon Quest Heroes I-II; basically the entire system storage.

Thank God you don't have to buy proprietary memory cards and can get microSDs for pretty cheap.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory666d ago

Which is the plus side to cartridges. No installs for physicals games.

deafdani666d ago (Edited 666d ago )

Which is why I will be going physical whenever possible. I'll save the space for strictly digital content like indie games, DLC, patches.

Once I need to expand my storage, I'll just buy a 200 GB card, they're around 60 bucks now (will likely find it cheaper in price soon in a sale or something). That will probably hold me for a good while, seeing how Switch doesn't need to install its games.

CocoaBrother666d ago

Here's a good rundown of microSD cards for the Switch in case you want to read up on the technical side of things.

And yeah, definitely nice there's no install for the cartridges. I'll definitely be doing more physical than digital as well.

deafdani665d ago

Thanks, I just checked that link. Very interesting, although I was interested on another XCSD card, myself. This one:

It's class 10, it's XC, it seems comparable to the others, while having a better price for its storage capacity. Do you have any idea why this option wasn't mentioned at all? Is it inferior or something?

666d ago
thesoftware730666d ago

I will only downlod smaller/indie games digital anyways.

Just checked Amazon, they have 128GB cards for $40

Copat666d ago

I'll be buying physical copies for every single Switch game. No need to worry about space/installs or paying extra for Micro SD cards. Plus those cases look pretty sweet for the collection and I can always sell/trade my copy afterwards if I choose. Digital just doesn't appeal to me...

deafdani665d ago

What about Indie games only available digitally? DLC? Patches?

Chances are, you will need a Micro SDXC card eventually anyway.

Copat665d ago

Good point. I've gotta be honest though I've never really been into Indie games but I'll definitely be downloading DLC and patches when needed. If the file sizes of the DLC and patches are anything like Wii U though they could be pretty small. Fingers crossed lol