Xbox Exec Meeting With 3rd Party Publishers In Japan; Knows People Want More JRPG’s On Xbox One

ThisGenGaming says "Phil Spencer did a huge impromptu Q&A on Twitter were he discussed JRPG's on Xbox One, a new Crimson Skies game, Halo Wars 2, backwards compatibility news for next week and issues the team are having with some publishers, and finally how both old and new games are going to sell people on the Scorpio."

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SaveFerris541d ago

I wonder if Phil will be bringing his chequebook when he goes to Japan?

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skydragoonityx541d ago

"and finally how both old and new games are going to sell people on the Scorpio." OK.

chrisx541d ago

At this point as far as phil is concerned, words are meaningless. only Results will count.

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Bigpappy540d ago

When you are the boss your words are never meaningless... but they can be ignored.

tyasia0540d ago

Phil just says what he thinks people want to hear.

PhoenixUp540d ago

It'll be a fruitless venture. No matter how much Microsoft spends efforts on securing JRPGs for Xbox One, the poor sales of those titles on the console will deter many Japanese publishers from seriously backing it. The most XO will get are multiplats with PS4 JRPGs.

Lon3wolf540d ago

If Msoft fully fund the games then devs might be tempted to do exclusives, so you never know.

Blade92540d ago

That's the only way it's going to happen.

Artemus540d ago

Yeah, that worked great for Scalebound.

Lon3wolf540d ago


Didn't realise that Scalebound was a JRPG, no one knows why it got cancelled (unless I missed something).

Chevalier540d ago

The last 2 Japanese games they funded they canceled. Phantom Dust and Scalebound. It's pretty doubtful Japanese studios didn't notice.

rainslacker540d ago

Or they could open the checkbook to get timed exclusives.

Annoy gamers on other platforms with the hope of picking up maybe a couple hundred console sales from the mega fan of a particular franchise.

They had some exclusive Japanese games at the start of this gen, they ended up being timed exclusive.

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PhoenixUp540d ago

I do know that no dev is going to want to make an exclusive JRPG game on XO. FFXV is the biggest one thus far and it still hasn't sold pass 1 million. That just sends a bad image to all the other smaller JRPG franchises.

nitus10540d ago

Using VGChatz since it is the easiest to get information from.

Final Fantasy XV has so far sold about 4.30 million for the PS4 and 0.82 million for the XB1. Even taking the almost two to one lead the PS4 has over the XB1 it seems that the majority of XB1 owners prefer other types of games to the RPG genres that is the Final Fantasy series.

This is also seen in games like Final Fantasy XIII on the PS3 (5.34 million) and XBox360 (2.17 million) and the numbers of PS3 to XBox360 owners is about identical.

Take a look at Blue Dragon (0.92 million) and Lost Odyssey (0.90 million) both XBox360 exclusives and there appears to be some interest in JRPG's possibly because they were exclusive but most JRPG are not that popular on the XBox.

game4funz540d ago

Give me a lost of jrpgs selling well on Playstation. I'm really curious.

Amazing to me that you think ff15 is a jrpg...guess you considered westernized rpgs to be jrpgs... Then I guess so is mass effect. Or dragon age.