Resogun PS4 Pro Update 1.10 Is Live, Adds Native 4K And HDR Support

Housemarque has released a brand new update for Resogun on the PS4. This update aims to add support for the PS4 Pro.

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vulsker664d ago

Thats pretty cool! I wish they would provide more content or do a new one. I have spent countless hours on this game!

Jeff257664d ago

They are working on Nex Machina for the PS4 which looks like it will be as much fun as ResoGun.

badz149664d ago (Edited 664d ago )

now hoping for Alienation to get the same treatment. really love the game. now I just need to get the Pro.

ILostMyMind664d ago

Alienation in 4K / HDR will be an epilepsy machine.

664d ago
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Neonridr664d ago

cool.. will check this out to see how it looks.

tmisellati664d ago

It looks beautifully crisp and the HDR is just incredible. Time to revisit this gem again.

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The story is too old to be commented.