Horizon Zero Dawn Difficulty Level Impressions Revealed; “It’s Like A Dark Souls Game”

ThisGenGaming says "Early players have revealed their impressions regarding Horizon's difficulty with all of the players saying it's a difficulty game even on Normal."

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CyberSentinel184d ago

I hope that's not true, I don't want every game to be as hard as "souls" games. Sometimes I just want to enjoy a game like tomb raider and uncharted, without it being to difficult.

Nitrowolf2184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

Been playing for a while and ive died a lot. Its not that its hard, its that IMO the gameplay needs a bit of tuning. Theres no lock on for starters, which could help a lot in 1v1 situations, but i feel the dodge doesnt do its job right. I can dodge an attack early, or even last minute but nk matter a majority of time i get hit. I found just running away is usually a better option than dodging. That could also have to do with the lack of lock on, cause being able to see when ur about to get attacked helps

You have to play it safe basically, but its no way hard like the souls game

CyberSentinel184d ago

I have it preordered, do you think it's worth a day one buy, or should I wait for it to drop in price first?

ShadowKnight184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

Its definitely challenging. Did you get the day one patch update? Just curious

Nitrowolf2184d ago


The day 1 patch is not live yet


I feel havent played enough yet to say, but i am enjoying it a lot

Majin-vegeta183d ago

Not every game needs a Lock on feature.People need to start learning to adapt.

uptownsoul183d ago

comparing Horizon to a Souls game is ridiculous b/c the difficulty settings can be changed in Horizon. Souls games are Souls games b/c the difficulty setting can't be changed & thus, unforgiving

N8183d ago

Lock on as in so that you can focus on one enemy at a time?

buttcheeks183d ago

Why would a it have lock on most games when you use bows or guns as the primary weapon don't

Captain_Mushroom183d ago

EVERYTHING'S like dark souls, these days. kinda - no, it has DEFINITELY - lost its meaning

MagicBeanz183d ago

How do you have the game already when the release date is the 28th?

WelkinCole183d ago

Well you are going up dino robots with a bow an arrow. Its should be at least challenging. Personally I don't want it to be too easy that's its like pedestrian like many games where you just really sit through it.

mikeslemonade183d ago

You guys are lame. Dark Souls difficulty is fine. Otherwise you just pop and shoot and fall asleep.

Utalkin2me183d ago


"no lock on for starters"

Sounds like a casual problem to me.

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Kashima184d ago

Tomb and uncharted are not action rpg.

game4funz183d ago

And this one is??? How so.. What's the difference?

UCForce183d ago

@game4funz Horizon Zero Dawn is RPG, you do have skill tree to level up your character. Uncharted isn't RPG because it didn't have skill tree. About Tomb Raider, I don't know which one, Kashima. You talk the old one or the current one because the current one have RPG and the old one didn't.

sullynathan183d ago

@game4funz this one isn't an rpg. Baldurs gate 2 does not have a skill tree yet it is one of the greatest rpgs of all time. Same for Gothic 2.

ItMatters183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

Tomb raider is now a 3rd person action adventure RPG and uncharted is a 3rd person action adventure game.

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Eonjay183d ago

LOL no, he is saying that the Hard difficulty is 'Souls' hard. Its actually really quite difficult.

Dawknight316183d ago

If you look at the gameplay, those machines look tough. Its an RPG though so lvl up and get stronger. I keep thinking its gonna be like Far Cry. You will be a beast by the end.

PlayableGamez-183d ago

Actually souls games are not hard!
Souls games are fair. The problem with a lot of games now days is that it holds your hand. Soulsborne games treats you like a gamer in the most fairest way possible.

Ashunderfire86183d ago

Same thing with Nioh after beating that bat lady I realize all I had to do is wear medium, and light armor to move faster on the boss. I can hit her faster than she can strike.

ziggurcat183d ago

Well, no... they are hard, but they do get a lot easier once you get used to the way things work. people who have been playing the series have no problems with any new iteration of the game because they are already familiarized with the mechanics. those that have only recently started playing the souls games will invariably have a much more difficult time with the game (and are often the ones calling for a difficulty scale).

The game, if anything, teaches you how to be patient. the advice I tell people is to just learn the patterns, don't get greedy by trying to get in that one last strike (you *will* probably die if you do that), and don't try to rush through everything. also don't listen to people when they tell you to not go past level 120.

PlayableGamez-183d ago

That is not what you call hard, that is what you call a video game.
Gamers today are such wimps.

IamTylerDurden1183d ago

There are 3 difficulty settings, if easy is too hard you are going to struggle with a lot of games..

SweetLeafSmoker183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

If anything it will be similar to TW3 and Death March... on the hardest diffculty

An open world game with difficulty on par to a SOULS game is still quite a few years away... I'm sure there is a developer out there working on it in some sort of fashion..

Horizon: Zero Dawn will have quick, fast paced combat encounters that require you to pinpoint aim on weak spots and stuff of the giant machine beasts...

Like I said above it's gonna to probably be like TW3 on Death March when set to the hardest difficulty... It will be like a battle of death dances... Ducking and weaving until you finally get a chance to hit the weak spot of your opponent.

Yeah... that's it... Just save your game all the time... Just like TW3 on Death March... even the smallest most asinine encounters feel like monumental tasks when played on Death March... I constantly save my game.. after every little fight with drowners or bandits.

ColonelHugh183d ago

Speaking of Souls series though, Death March is nothing when it is the first game you played after playing through Bloodborne. I was extremely disappointed in the enemy's AI for The Witcher 3 as you could just maneuver out of a flanked position and wail on an enemy.

The tougher, the better when it comes to any game where you get stronger over time.

patchzon183d ago

I gotta agree with you on this,a little challenge is welcome,but if its too difficult it might be also too frustrating to a lot of players and spoil the overall gameplay experience of this yet to be an awesome and promising game!

Mithan183d ago

Eh, I don't find dark souls hard. I think once you learn the mechanics, it's easy.

DarXyde183d ago

Perhaps the developers on the team who worked on The Witcher modeled it after the third game's Death March mode, which I consider merciless in its own way(s).

So long as the options exist, I would consider this a nonissue.

drunkenspy007183d ago

I hope it is true. Challenging games are way more rewarding. I don't get this "learning curve" issue, rather it seems people just would rather have things handed to them in their games instead of trying to improve their own manual dexterity. There are plenty of great games that can challenge your abilities if you don't have hand eye coordination skills, like turn based strategy games. Maybe it's not for you, but it's really not that hard once you try, fail, but continue to try until you get it. Then you'll have a blast and understand why