Horizon Zero Dawn Incredible In-Game Detail Showcased in PS4 Pro Screenshots

Guerrilla Games open world action RPG game Horizon Zero Dawn launches in a little under 14 days exclusively for PS4, and already its street date has been broken in some parts of the globe, with users beginning to share their experiences and screenshots online.

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UCForce491d ago

Oh my god ! This game is just getting better.

Resis7ance491d ago

The attention to detail is insane. Ants crawling up the tree ftw.

UCForce491d ago

GG put so much details in this game.

YAO-BLING490d ago

speechless.. never seen anyone add ants on a tree in a videogame before.. lol.. the standards from sonys 1st party devs is insane.

Relientk77490d ago

Best new game characters 2017

The millions of ants crawling on trees in Horizon

Aww yeahhh

Damn Naughty Dog and Guerilla Games kick ass

Utalkin2me490d ago

Yes, But it's still only checkerboard rendered ants..../s

choujij489d ago

This is how we get ants.


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Resis7ance491d ago

The user claims to be loving the game so far, only about 2 hours in but it's beautiful and a lot of fun. GG might have a possible GOTY contender on their hands.

KwietStorm490d ago

Because a random person is having fun 2 hours into the game, Guerilla might possibly have a game of the year contender on their hands. Yep I have to agree. They just might possibly have a goty in the running.

AlphaCentyros490d ago

Well it's not just that one guy, there's been multiple counts of this game being praised by gamers that already got their hands on it. That, plus the amazing footage we have seen so far, plus tons of websites sharing predominantly positive impressions in their previews, makes me (and plenty of others) believe that GG might in fact have a GOTY contender on their hands.

bouzebbal490d ago

all this because a random user says so?
what if he said the game sucks? would you still agree with him?
it's crazy when other's opinions have more weight than your own.
smh at this kind of people, really!

andrewsquall490d ago

@KwietStorm I think the same guy got his hands on Uncharted 4 and said the same thing about that. And we all know how much of a disaster that game was with 0 Overall GOTY awards. Its now at the bottom of the barrel along with Quantum Break isn't it?

VoodooProject490d ago

Knack is a better game than this. Knack is true next gen. This game will 4.2 tera flop

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490d ago
PlayableGamez-490d ago

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better.

Relientk77490d ago

What is this? A game for ants?

Please someone tells me they get the reference lol

Neonridr490d ago

this game has to be at least.... three times bigger

Nu490d ago

I wonder what Kojimas Death Stranding will be like

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ShadowKnight490d ago

You're in for a real treat. The game is fantastic so far especially with HDR on.

Tussin187490d ago

Oh so I see you brought a TV. What did you get if you don't mind me asking?

Tussin187490d ago

Nvm. I just had to scroll down lol.

Bathyj490d ago (Edited 490d ago )

ANTS ?!? Are those fricken ANTS? No game does that do they? Thats insane.

Someone will complain that their are only 5 individual ant models and that they are repeated and all look the same. Yeah, Im sure I'll be contemplating that when I spend as long on photomode as I do on the real game. My new OLED lets you take screen shots. I havent done it yet but Im guess it lets you use it as wallpaper or screensavers on the TV itself. Thats gonna give photomode a lot of legs for me. No pun intended.

Adexus490d ago

Which OLED you got? Currently got the LG B6 which is a fantastic set.

Bathyj490d ago

The same TV mate. Its incredible. I can believe what I thought was black on a tv before now I know what it really looks like. A black screen is actually black, not grey. If you sit in the dark and look at a black screen on OLED it looks like the TV is not turned on, Im not kidding. Thats the difference between OLED and LED backlit. I cant go back to 1080p LED now, Im spoilt after 1 night.

yezz490d ago (Edited 490d ago )

I'm so jealous right now. It's been my dream for years to get one but they're still too expensive for a student like me..

Bathyj490d ago (Edited 490d ago )

In Australia theyre clearing them out getting ready for the new models in a couple months. Maybe they'll drop even more.

Plus its good to wait, apparently OLED had various issues that needed to be worked out. LG's OLED are a marked improvement on 2015s models, but 2017 probably wont be that much different than 2016, so I say now is the time to get one. My only regret is I couldnt afford 65". Why wasnt I born rich instead of good looking? ;P

I hope Horizion Ants becomes a meme. An internet thing people refer to to describe crazy over the top detail. Drakes chest hairs are insane, theyre like Horizon Ants. Theres over 9000.

@Tussin187 above.
Down here mate. ;P

FITSniper490d ago

My plasma looks largely off when it's black and I bought it for $900 6 years ago. ;)

TheCommentator490d ago (Edited 490d ago )

FitSniper, an OLED doesn't "look" black though, it actually IS black. OLED doesn't emit light when it doesn't need to so darker colors are actually less luminous as well. Other TV types don't offer this capability because only OLED is self luminous on a per pixel basis. The difference in blackness on an OLED set is in many ways comparable to the difference seen in brightness with HDR, IMO. Combine the two technologies and you feel like you're looking out a window, not at a TV. It's insane.

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mkis007490d ago

I can't remember if it's this year or next year, but OLEDS will be going up to 1000 nits from the 500 they currently do. So not only the best dark's but the best brights too.

trooper_490d ago

I couldn't believe that either. My God Sony, have mercy, lol.

uth11490d ago

Bah, checkerboard-rendered ants would look 100x better on PC /s

ludicrous490d ago

Will we be able to interact with it though? Like in skyrim, you can down a butterfly by shooting at it wings while it flies around.

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theXtReMe1490d ago

This is nuts! Its almost as if they finished with the graphics and said, you know... we have some rendering time left in every frame... what can we add to fill out the scene to use every ounce of the Pro/ PS4s power?

Cant wait to play this game!