Bethesda Confirms E3 Press Conference on Sunday, 6/11: “Imitation IS the Sincerest form of Flattery”

Bethesda responds to Microsoft's invasion of Sunday's E3 press conference space with confirming their own presence.

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Thatguy-310491d ago

Lol you gotta love competition. However it's more so that MS wants a day to themselves instead of competing with Sony for attention which they usually lose. These past few years all everyone talks about coming out of E3 is Sony's conference. This E3 will be interesting for all 3 console makers.

jznrpg491d ago (Edited 491d ago )

So many games this year from Sony, although I am interested in what Sony has to show, the way things are going I wont be playing those games at E3 until way after they come out. Tales Of Berseria Digimon, Nioh, Horizon, Persona 5 are just some of the games I have bought or preordered and that is just this 1st quarter of the year. These games arent quick to beat either ,let alone platinum . But it is an awesome problem to havex hate for it to be the other way around, waiting for something to come out and replaying old games over and over.

_-EDMIX-_491d ago

I understand that from a marketing standpoint but at the end of the day unless they're going to purchase more teams and have more software on this play I'm not sure it's going to change their current situation or perception by the community.

nativegoku491d ago

There is no current situation or perception outside of the bubbles on some sites.

christocolus491d ago

I think Bethesda and Dice will be at the MS E3 conference. They were among the devs featured in the short Scorpio reveal video last year.

EazyC491d ago (Edited 491d ago )

I wonder what DICE is doing? The guy who leaked tons about BF1 (months before it was even announced, the claims were denounced as absurd when he first made the video) said DICE LA were working on Bad Company 3 (whilst the Swedish studio did BF1), so if it's that it'll be amazing.

zombiewombie491d ago

I'll ask them, my gym is right next to them.

mkis007491d ago

If I had to guess I would say that they would bring up a bunch of third party devs to show off the increased fidelity/frame-rate of Scorpio versions of their games. I would also bet by that time MS will auto boost every game that is on xbox one...

OB1Biker491d ago

Well Bethesda just announced their own conference the same day not sure if it makes sense to be at Ms as well

opinionated491d ago

Hyped for this e3. Wish I knew it was open to the public, I want to head out there at least one year. That or the PSX in vegas. I'd rather go to vegas than LA.

Thatguy-310491d ago

Well psx changes location every year. Last year it was in LA but if I were you I would save up for psx since that the conference and the gaming booths and panels.

opinionated491d ago

No doubt. Hopefully they do vegas again.

itBourne491d ago

PSX is freaking huuuuge now, the first year in Vegas, there were panels with like 12 people at them. It was so casual, got to talk to so many devs like it was nothing, such a great time.

jznrpg491d ago

Just give me Elder Scrolls 6 or remake of Morrowind. I really want remake of Morrowind the most

goatking491d ago

I would love a morrowind remake if they get it right, but i don't want them to simplify it to get over casuals. I would prefer an elder scrolls 6, something new.

Imalwaysright491d ago (Edited 491d ago )

There is a mod team doing just that. I don't know if its the same mod team or not but the same is being done with Oblivion.

Mr Marvel491d ago

The best ES has already been redone for PS4 (Skyrim), it's definitely time to move on to ESVI.

SinkingSage491d ago

Skyrim is far from the best Elder Scrolls.

Goldby491d ago

Im sorry man. But the fact we sony players only have access to vanilla assets, no skyrim se is not the best one.

The xbox version is far better than the ps4 version. And of course the pc is on top looking down.

frostypants491d ago

Two things:

1) They re-did it across all platforms, not just PS4.
2) You'll be hard pressed to find any long time fan of the series who agrees with you that Skyrim is the best entry. I mean, it's pretty awesome and still enjoys a huge audience, but among those who've played the entire series, Morrowind is pretty much the high water mark.

game4funz491d ago

That is subjective. Skyrim i preferred over oblivion but it is definitely not the best ES for me

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ThatGuyDart491d ago

It seems everyone is moving away from Sony which is smart. It's hard to compete with the hype that PlayStation brings every year at E3.

demonddel491d ago

Ain't nobody worried about Sony

ThatGuyDart491d ago

I mean. Why else would they be doing this?

Sparta07491d ago

" Ain't nobody worried about Sony "
You sure about that!? 🤔

demonddel491d ago

Because they show is gonna be huge need more than the 2hrs they normally gets

Vegamyster491d ago

I think it has more to do with wanting more time to show their stuff, 3rd party games like FIFA, NBA, CoD, AC, WD, Fallout, Tes, Battlefield ect sell boatloads, they don't need the Big 3 to sell their games.

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