DayZ Creator's New Game To Be Shown At EGX Rezzed

The creator of DayZ, Dean Hall, is set to show his newest game at this year’s EGX Rezzed event. Held between Match 30th till April 1st, EGX Rezzed is the biggest indie showcase event in the UK.

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Garethvk401d ago

Not sure about the graphics.

PixelGateUk401d ago

wonder if he'll finish this game

Garethvk401d ago

That is why I dislike crowd funding. Take the money and never finish or do a substandard job.

RpgSama401d ago

Hate this guys, don't go releasing a new game if your other game it's in Early Access since 2013, I mean WTF! Seriously, finish that sh*t.

401d ago
gangsta_red401d ago

Is this the supposed Ion game he talked about years ago?

Ciporta1980401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

No thanks thieving [email protected] took my money then ran.

rezzah400d ago

No point being interested in the new game until they finish the first one.