Nioh's First Hours Accomplish Something Dark Souls Never Did

Instead of dropping players in the deep end like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, Nioh eases you into the challenge. Being just a touch more open to new players changes the entire feeling of the game.

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UCForce491d ago

Well, I prefer BloodBorne and Nioh over Dark Souls. Don't get me wrong, I really do love Dark Souls game. But I prefer fast pace combat.

stimm16491d ago

I really enjoyed the replenish your health through attacking thing in Bloodborne. But it definitely got me killed just as often as it helped. The stamina replenish system rewards careful coordination of attacks instead of frantic hacking, which I like more. But I agree, the faster paced combat is definitely a plus overall. It's just nice that Nioh kind of gives you a choice too.

Paytaa491d ago

Always respected the hell out of the Souls games while bad at them, but Bloodborne's encouragement of aggressive fast gameplay was more my style. Nioh definitely grabbed me with that as well.

Off-topic but I seriously had to go to 5 different stores to find a copy of Nioh. Sold out on Amazon, my local Best Buy, 3 different Gamestops, and finally there was one copy left at Target out back.

Enjoying the game a lot so far.

stimm16491d ago

Ha. That's crazy! Glad to hear you found a copy. :)

Genova84491d ago

My copy was a day late from Amazon prime. Got a free month of prime out of them though. Can't beat the 20% off at launch.

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TheGamez100491d ago (Edited 491d ago )

Same here, what I hate about the souls game is how slow you are and defensive you have to be compared to bloodborne and nioh. Im more of the type to push in and making the move first (no pun intended). Course thats what makes the souls games what they are and what made us love these "souls" type games. Definately enjoying nioh more than ds3 atm, playing both of them.

Fist4achin491d ago

We all know what you mean and it's all just a matter of preference. Also, why not intend the pun!

Genova84491d ago

I'm playing Nioh very defensively so far. Wait for the baddies to give you an opening where you can stun them and then go to town. Loving it.

ninsigma491d ago

Same. Demon souls and dark souls are really sluggish in their gameplay so I never got into them. Bloodborne was fantastic gameplay wise. Right up my street. Niohs setting isn't my thing though. Not really into samurais and stuff so I'm skipping that one.

Genova84491d ago

@ninsigma, is your name based on ninja gaiden sigma? A team ninja game? If so, Nioh is by team ninja, and could be seen as a more in depth version of the ninja gaiden games. It really is worth your time.

ninsigma490d ago

I literally just made it up on the spot one day when signing up for something. I've played ninja gaiden sigma so it's certainly possible that's where it came from albeit subconsciously xD

My interest has been piqued a little bit by Nioh. I've watched a few lets plays. Looks like a good game but like I said the setting isn't for me. It may get it eventually but not right now.

Perjoss491d ago

same here, I absolutely love the Dark Souls series but I just like Nioh and Bloodborne a little bit more.

WelkinCole491d ago

I guess I was jaded with the shield/defense attack and why I found blood more fun and challenging at the same time. However I would say man eater in Demon Souls still takes the cake as the hardest boss battle in any Souls game I have played. Nioh might change it down. Need time to play it.

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SynestheticRoar491d ago

Bloodborne still my favorite of the bunch. It had a distinct rare vide from the others.

Naji4Me491d ago

without Dark Souls there is no Nioh.

Kaneki-Ken491d ago

Without Demon Souls there is no Nioh *

yeahright2491d ago

without ninja gaiden there is no souls

Kaneki-Ken490d ago

@yeahright2 Wrong! Without Berserk there is no soul! Soul game were heavily inspired by Berserk.

yeahright2490d ago

Oh yeah? well without final fantasy the spirits within there is no... ok you win.

Last_Boss491d ago

Without Tenchu & Onimusha you mean?

Featuring_Dante491d ago

without Way of the Samurai there is no dark souls.

BlaqMagiq1490d ago

Without King's Field there is no Souls.

Last_Boss490d ago

Without the Immortal there are none of these.

Andreas-Sword488d ago

I hope Nioh sells very good, and I hope for Nioh 2.

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