Spencer Confident In What They Will Show At E3, Talks About Bringing More PC Games To Xbox One

Microsoft announced yesterday that it would be moving its E3 show from its traditional Monday morning spot to Sunday evening- it was an interesting change, as it now gives Microsoft its own day at E3 (previously, Sony's conference would follow Microsoft's a few hours later, with Nintendo getting the next day all to itself).

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freshslicepizza396d ago

I imagine it's pretty easy to go back and forth. Microsoft also has a bunch of IPs like Age of Empires to bring back

christocolus396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

I like Age of Empires but I'm more of a fan of Age of Mythology. Anyways I hope they have a great showing at E3. The new date is perfect for me.

bouzebbal395d ago

LOL they are only working on what they are going to SHOW?
how about being confident in the games coming up until the show?
Showing off, that's all they have left.

Ceaser9857361395d ago

Need a good reason to buy Scorpio.. Good luck MS. Here's hoping they show something appealing since Sony gonna bombard exclusives and gameplays this E3 2017... Cant wait.. Good times for gamers..

IAmLoki395d ago

Age of Empires, Age of Mythology, Starcraft, Total War, etc etc. Bring on the PC gaming to Xbox One Microsoft and the Scorpio will be a huge steal at 500-600 US dollars. With the biggest library of games in existence compatible on Xbox, the Xbox Scorpio will be truly a legendary console experience in the comforts of your living room.

tyasia0395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

So Phil is bragging about games crossing over from PC to XBone but his best examples are a game that has been on PS4 for months a year old cell phone game and an early access game that will come to PS4 when it's finished?

Forgive me if I'm not impressed.

game4funz395d ago

I wish all of the conferences were on the weekend

Raiden395d ago

SMART very SMART MS, I should have placed a bet on that happening. Also the MS wins this year E3.

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gangsta_red396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

Mech Assault and Age of Empires/Mythology are some serious no brainers. The Age series should be the next on the list after Halo Wars 2.

game4funz395d ago

I do miss age of empires. Those were fun games.

remixx116395d ago

Definitely would love to see mech assault with some of that crackdown 3 cloud tech.

quent396d ago

Yep, also the mechwarrior and dungeon siege ip's, its been along time since we've had a proper one of those

ONESHOTV2396d ago

moldybread--- i play age of empires 3 quite a lot but i dont really see how it would work on the xone becuase it's a RTS and not just turn based well if they had mouse support then that's a different story.

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lxeasy395d ago

They have a day all to them selves, they better bring it like never before, Especially since Sony brought it hard last year and the year before.

TheCommentator395d ago

People around here tend to think of UWP as a one way street, only allowing MS "exclusives" to come to PC. How many PC games are exclusive to PC though? Those exclusives can easily shift to any platform that supports UWP, and that includes XB1. So while PS4 has all kinds of exclusive japanese dev support, MS can easily enjoy exclusive PC developer support.

To those who may still be adamant that it can't happen, just remember what Bethesda basically said about Fallout Shelter: We didn't make it for XB1, we made it (once) for UWP which supports multiple devices. We'd have to build it from the ground up for PS4.

ShadowWolf712395d ago

Oh please God no.

After suffering through seeing AoE turned into a mobile title I REALLY don't want to death with a watered-down AoE for consoles.

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Automatic79396d ago


I agree, that's why they started the UWP and the iniative to bring Xbox One games to PC. If you look at the scope of titles Xbox has they have brought over quite a few big titles already like Elite Dangerous, Ark Survival, Vanhelsing Death Trap, Astroneer, Rise and Shine. This year they are adding Conan Exiles and Path of Exile's to name a few.

This move is a win win for Xbox gamers. I have always wanted to play some awesome titles the PC gets hopefully more follow the trend.

Further, having the Xbox Conference move was brilliant more exposure for Xbox games, for an entire day, and for me personally, no longer I have the need to take a day off from work. Lol.

freshslicepizza395d ago

some people see this as a bad move since it takes away from the xbox one shining on its own but i disagree. its better to reach a wider audience and to offer more choices. you can play games on the xbox one s, scorpio or a windows 10 pc.

but time will tell how serious microsoft is about their own investment in games and not just the same few ip's.

ShadowKnight395d ago

Its a bad move if they don't make enough profit from it. Time will tell and I agree with your last statement "time will tell how serious microsoft is about their own investment in games and not just the same few ip's"

kind of weird hearing that from you.

freshslicepizza395d ago

Having more options to sell your software on its probably more profitable

LexHazard79395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

Are those games on UWP? I believe Scorpio will bring new games from developers. UWP will make sure Xbox One gamers dont get left behind by scaling down the new games. Its all a wait and see, but Im excited.

Rimeskeem396d ago

Soooooo, are they ever going to have true Xbox exclusives or is that just not a thing?

Kribwalker396d ago

It's a shared Eco system now for MS, so I see with the release of the Scorpio the ability to play more PC games on Xbox. Maybe that steam powered by Xbox thing will happen now

Godmars290395d ago

Meanwhile the XB1 is selling 1-2 to the PS4 and PC gamers are butt-hurt about Nioh not being on PC.

TankCrossing395d ago

@Godmars you say that like PC gamers as a whole are lamenting Nioh not coming to PC. That would obviously be a stupid thing to say if that's what you meant to imply. The infamous petition represents less than 0.01% of Steam gamers, let alone PC gamers as a whole.

But I'm sure that's not how you meant it as you try not to say stupid things. Right?

trooper_395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

They need new IPs. Bringing games from PC isn't new IPs.

Godmars290395d ago

Meh. No stupider than the ongoing instance that everything should be on PC when not everyone wants to deal with that ecosystem. That devs can't deliver on such by any number example of examples of multiplats not working properly, if at all, across multiple systems.

That there are literally millions of code monkeys willing to fix any such issues, at their own time mind, is besides the point.

TankCrossing395d ago

So just to be clear here; you're saying that you do say stupid things on purpose because you feel other people say stupid things? And what, you felt left out?

Kribwalker395d ago

What does that have to do with anything? I have a PS4, I could not care less about Nioh,
Just like 50+ million other PS4 owners who aren't buying it. I'm sure there's a handful of people that would like to play it, but there's also a handful that would want to play other games too.

VoodooProject395d ago

Meanwhile Microsoft is a 390 billion dollar company while Sony is a 8 billion dollar company. See what you and I did there @GodMars290? Microsoft ends up winning.

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LexHazard79395d ago

They do have Xbox exclusive. You mean Xbox One or Scorpio exclusives..probably not. And thats ok, because despite what you guys keep telling yourselves. Plenty of "console only" gamers left in this world that dont want a PC or PS4.

Raiden395d ago

I look at it like this, anything that has Xbox live attached is Xbox, PC gamers have played games for year online, but MS introduce another option, LIVE, its a way just to reach a large audience, and to prove a point, Sony fights really hard for the PS4 as it's the daddy of the company it's the one that keeps the income flowing, and that's the PROBLEM with MS, XBOX is not the prime income, but that's going to change, look at the setup with this upgrade console, it will be the foundation of there future gaming platform.

agent4532395d ago

No exclusives. Is better for Microsoft to just abandon console hardware and go with a Xbox Live TV app.

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AngelicIceDiamond396d ago

"Microsoft announced yesterday that it would be moving its E3 show from its traditional Monday morning spot to Sunday evening" More time is that what MS is after?

Godmars290395d ago

Would say they're trying to get ahead of Sony's E3 announcements, but I believe they've always gone before them. So really, all they're doing is giving more time to respond to anything MS does in their presentation.

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WeAreLegion395d ago

They're sharing a day with Bethesda, aren't they?

Godmars290395d ago

Cause its not like Sony has ever blown MS's presentation out of the water with a quickly inserted skit.

Say, like game sharing...?

morganfell395d ago

MS want an entire day for any announcements to get media buzz because Sony comes in a few hours later and overwhelms anything MS has to say. They think this lead time will help and reality is that it provides Sony more time to measure reactions and adjust their show if they feel it is required.

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LexHazard79395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

But even if thats the case...that Sony has time to make changes, Everyone is watching the Scorpio thats about 100 million console gamers, and also(?mill) PC gamers.

Full exposure for the night..

ILostMyMind395d ago

Don't be naïve. No company changes its presentation because of another made a few hours before. At best you get only the opportunity to make joke of the other company's failures.

game4funz395d ago

They have balls. They always go before instead of doing sonys move and wait and change their presentations in response.

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Fishy Fingers396d ago

I'd use twitter if I wanted to read tweets...