Guerrilla Games is taking a break from Killzone, Lead Concept Artist Confirms

Lex from Sirus Gaming reports: "At the Horizon: Zero Dawn Preview Event in Shangri-La Makati, Sirus Gaming was able to sit down with Guerrilla Games’ Lead Concept Artist, Roland IJzermans. I asked if we are to expect another Killzone installment in the future".

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Nitrowolf2431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

Im glad they took a break, been playing HZD for a few hours and so far the gameplay and world are fantasstic.

I do hope they return back to Killzone, but imo they had better reboot. I want them to return back to kz2 style and forget shadowfall. Give us a super gritty setting, and have Visari not die, as with radec. They did the same mistake in shadowfall by killing off a villian in their first game.

zivtheawesome431d ago

how is the game story wise thus far?

Nitrowolf2431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

If I gotta be honest, it hasn't exactly clicked with me yet. I'm only a few hours in and i've been doing all the sidequests that I can. This game does a ton of things right and I am enjoying the open world and how much different gameplay style you can use.

Graphically, I am blown away. I'm playing this on a Pro, so IDK if the GFX are different other than better resolution but my god. I thought Uncharted 4, being a semi-linear, non-open world game would never get topped graphically until God of War, but this game being an open world is dam near on Par. It runs incredibly smooth to

IDK if the story continues to go the way it is, I'd say it's okay. TBH Guerrilla games never had the best writing with stories as shown with the Killzone series, but Horizon takes a lot of faults they had and fixes them. I certainly care more for these characters in the little interaction time I've had then I do for any of their Killzone characters, aside from Sev, Visari and Radec

A side note - I wasn't very interested in this game to begin with, you can probably look in my comment history to see that I barely, if at all commented on the game and my interest. I will say this, after playing some of it, I'm now invested.

starchild430d ago

Yeah, I'm glad they worked on a new IP. Horizon is looking outstanding.

"Graphically, I am blown away. I'm playing this on a Pro, so IDK if the GFX are different other than better resolution but my god. I thought Uncharted 4, being a semi-linear, non-open world game would never get topped graphically until God of War, but this game being an open world is dam near on Par."

If that's true I'm going to be really damned impressed.

bouzebbal430d ago

so next killzone confirmed.. that's fine for me.

UltraNova430d ago

Ok they can and should take a break, all I want and I m sure many others here do too, is for a Killzone 1-2 remaster until their ready to revisit this IP.

And when they eventually do they better go back to KZ2's greedy and weighty atmosphere and controls!

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UCForce431d ago

How did you play this game so early ?

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Inzo430d ago

It..... fell of a truck......

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-Foxtrot430d ago

Yeah a reboot is the best way to go...not a reboot where they'll just set it a 100 years later but I mean a complete wipe where they still have the core "ISA vs Helghast" themes but the story, lore and other things are completely different

I would like to see the Helghast actually invade Earth where humanity haven't even colonized a planet yet. Like they were going to colonize the planet in Helgans solar system but in the end it actually gave the Helghast a roadmap to Earth so they could take over.

Maybe a third person game? Then they could do a brand new FPS IP to mix things up. They keep wanted to make Killzone have a story focus but I feel they could do it better as a third person game, it shows in Horizon to be honest.

Hopefully in this game we take control of an average every day guy, not a generic soldier grunt. As you progress you actually get better with your weapons to make you feel you are learning from experience.

_-EDMIX-_430d ago

"They keep wanted to make Killzone have a story focus but I feel they could do it better as a third person game, it shows in Horizon to be honest"

Might be one of the most idiotic statements I've read in a very long time.

What exactly does killzone's story have to do with its perspective of first person or third person?

It shows with Horizon having a great story that they simply got a really good writer....... that is actually completely irrelevant to it being in first-person or third-person.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around what that has anything to do with the story.

The concept of Killzone being a first person shooter is one of its biggest Concepts I don't even see a reason to put it in third person. For a side game sure but not for a main entry.

If they want to have a completely different story and then want to have a completely different gameplay perspective it sounds like they actually just want a new IP not something from Killzone there's no reason to put the name of something like this when its core concept is actually first person shooting.

I'm sorry but you don't really do that much in the Killzone series outside of actually shooting in killing that would ever make sense to put it in third person in still Captivate the same audience.

It is a game that relies deeply on its physical attributes, it is not a game that is more so a conceptual idea.

showtimefolks430d ago


the story aspects were the weakest part of Guerrilla games as a studio that's why the writer for fallout new vegas and shadow of mordor was hired to take care of story

IamTylerDurden1430d ago

I thought the story was pretty decent in KZ3. KZ2 and 3 had some excellent villains. They wrote and created Radec, Visari, Orlock, and Jorhan Stahl. That took writing and creative talent to create such compelling antagonists.

Inzo430d ago


I thought so too. Ray Winston was brilliant.

ShadowKnight430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

Got an early copy myself and the game play is fantastic. Those Robotic Crocodiles 😲

Edit- the story is decent so far imho and the side quests are interesting

joab777430d ago

Are you also on 4k. Wondering how it runs on 4k TV with Pro?

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Imalwaysright430d ago

If you don't mind me asking, how is the stealth gameplay?

WelkinCole429d ago

KZ universe is huge. If they every go back to it I want a game set during the time the Hegast were exiled to Helgan or sometime around there.

Master of Unlocking429d ago

I'm sick and tired of all those so-called "reboots" and don't see the point in them, but as for the rest I agree with you, I hope they return to Killzone someday, but seeing how extremely talented the folks at Guerilla Games are, I'm confident they could impress us a lot by trying a new game in a new genre every time and get it right every time.

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Majin-vegeta431d ago

Looking forward to next installment!

-Foxtrot430d ago

Hoping they do another new IP after this

Something which is again different from Killzone but also different from Horizon. Maybe an open world, full on RPG game like Witcher 3 and Elder Scrolls. Either that or maybe a buddy cop third person story based game like what Eight Days was going to be

_-EDMIX-_430d ago

That seems unlikely considering it's starting to sound like Sony is treating this like the next major Series so they're going to probably have multiple installments before they start a new intellectual property.

Similar to how naughty dog did 2 Uncharted games before the other half of the team started working on the Last of Us.

What about the Getaway 3? Also though I agreed that I would like to see eight days and The Getaway 3 I actually think maybe Sony Santa Monica would be better fitted for something like that but then again Guerilla Games is very much showing how versatile they can be.

ShadowKnight430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

I would like see a new Syphon Filter.

The_Sage430d ago

I loved the Getaway games. I would like to see another from as much of the original team as they could put back together.

IamTylerDurden1430d ago

Horizon is an open world RPG, i highly doubt GG will do another new open world RPG (new IP) for their next game.

Aenea430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

Their next game will be: Horizon: One of Them....

I don't know anything about the story, but I think Aloy is half human, half machine. ..

Not sure if any of you have read the Hyperion series by Dan Simmons? Well, Aloy might be like Aenea (yes, it's not a coincidence I thought of this, haha).

Jeff257430d ago

I'd like to see them expand on the world, provided that the first game leaves it open to that. Especially since from what rumors suggest about Sucker Punch working on a new IP that along with Horizon being a new IP would carry us for quite awhile. If Horizon was to do yet another new IP with them having done Horizon we would either see a longer wait for another game from them not to mention any possible sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. Sony is doing a good job giving all of their studios the time and latitude to not just rehash games but to reinvent them along with bringing out new ideas. It is a really good time to have a PS4.

Bathyj430d ago

If theyd said that after Killzone 3, they might off been met with annoyance and complaining. Who will make our Killzone?

But given the rushed nature of launch titles and having seen them stride so with so much style out of their self imposed box, I think Guerrilla Games is the company that makes the Horizon games now, not the company that makes the Killzone games.

Unless they want to stretch their legs further and take something else on. It really should be up to them. I think if they have a good pitch, Sony will let them do whatever they want and gamers should too.

_-EDMIX-_430d ago

I believe Sony is only going to give them that freedom to a degree , I very much believe that Sony is investing in this being a series.

That isn't to say they won't do a new intellectual property simply not this soon.

Consider we didn't get the last of us from Naughty Dog until we got 2 Uncharted games

Aenea430d ago

A studio can always grow and work on 2 projects, Naughty Dog did that too...

Bathyj430d ago

Well in all likelihood GG probably WANT to do another Horizon. They put their heart and souls into this game for years, 6 years ago they started planning but probably kicked off full development right after Shadowfall, and they would have ideas and concepts kicking around that didnt make it into the final game and they would want to try in a sequel.

And I doubt they have anything fleshed out for a new IP so soon. They only came up with Horizon after wrapping up their 3rd Killzone game so there is no way they are fatigued with it yet like they would have been with KZ. Im betting they take a little break (not sure if theres any SP DLC coming) and then start mapping Horizon 2 out for a 2020/2021 release. God, they sounds so futuristic, so far away but it really isnt. Where are our flying cars already?

UltraNova430d ago

These guys have what it takes. I cant wait to see if they surpassed ND's visual fidelity level with an RPG no less! Plus they recruited some really good writters and gameplay designers so the story and gameplay should be top notch!

As for their future I think Horizon 2 will be a late ps4 release and ps5 launch title.

_-EDMIX-_430d ago

Oh....We know the drill