PlayStation is desperate for Horizon Zero Dawn to cure its sequilitis

Why is Sony struggling to produce first-party IPs that stick?

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Overload431d ago

Sony doesn't seem to handcuff studios to IP's. Uncharted being wildly successful last gen and them allowing ND to make TLOU while that was going on is a big statement, that worked out great. Suckerpunch is not making Infamous, Guerrilla is making Horizon, MM is making Dreams. They allow their studios to spread their wings.

xHeavYx430d ago

Lol, that headline.
I think Techradar is desperate for clicks.

uptownsoul430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

I love this line in the article : " was starting to become painfully obvious that Sony might be losing confidence in the idea of new IP." -- ROFLOL!!!!

I mean really? Is it really "painfully obvious" that Sony's losing confidence in the idea new IPs???????

Good or Bad/Like or Dislike PS4's new IP this gen, they've had PLENTY of them this gen (The Order, DriveClub, Bloodborne, Until Dawn, Knack, Nioh, etc)

& PLENTY more to come (Horizon, HellBlade, Detroit, Days Gone, Dreams, etc)

Sorry, this article & its premise is RIDICULOUS

dumahim430d ago

I saw the headline and thought it was GamingBolt.

uptownsoul430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

And just one thing on the title: "PlayStation is desperate for Horizon Zero Dawn to cure its sequilitis"

"cure its sequilitis"... Really??? Can anybody actually say that PlayStation relies on its sequels more than any other gaming company???

In other words, there are a couple of gaming companies I can think of, in need of this "cure" for sequilitis far more than PlayStation

Adrian_v01430d ago

The article talks about Playstation's 'sequilitis' and then mentions Horizon:ZD has to compete against Nintento Switch.... lol I say. Nintendo has chronic sequilitis.

bluefox755430d ago

Right? This is obvious clickbait, why even legitimize this nonsense by submitting the article and giving them clicks?

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen430d ago

Agree with you Heavy. The title is made up nonsense.

starchild430d ago

Yeah, I think Techradar is way off the mark on this one. All publishers make sequels to popular games, but Sony has always done well at releasing a good amount of new IPs each generation.

Dee_91430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

if you want a few ips with a million sequels get a xbox or nintendo. halo 60 and mario kart 7000 will need people like you to strive..

frostypants430d ago

@dumahim, nah, GamingBolt would be "developer of PeePee Force 5000 says PlayStation is desperate".

Gwiz430d ago

Sure,i mean objectivity is not interesting these days.They should make content based on

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remixx116430d ago

Like really dude, like you said with uncharted and the last of us, not to mention killzone stuck, gran turismo stuck, infamous stuck, little big Planet stuck, God of War stuck.

What is this jackass talking about? Is it because they don't milk their studios ips to death like the competition and instead give them the option to move on I'd they so choose.

Naughty dog: uncharted to the last of us
Guerilla:killzone to horizon
Media molecule: little big planet to dreams
Sucker punch:infamous to the rumoured new ip

While others are staying their course like
Sony San Diego
Sony Santa monica
Polyphony digital

And some bounce all around like
Sony studio japan
Sony bend and more...

Clickbait till death huh?

subtenko430d ago

Yo, yall should not entertain these people, I dont know why you all bother when its obvious. I've been on N4G for 5+ years, left gamespot and IGN when gaming news started getting weird. I do not entertain it. Here for the comments ftw.

*hugs random nintendo fan & playstatiion hater, see this is my pal, not the people who write these bs articles*

Brazz430d ago

lol! if PlayStation is desperate for new ip. than i can't even dare to think how Nintendo and MS are doing, the 2 are most likely in a Asylum whit severe problems...

trooper_430d ago

What kind of garbage is this?

Chevalier430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

Xbox is on their 10th Halo franchise game/ remaster in 11 years, 5th Dead Rising, 5th Gears, 9th Forza game, 3rd Crackdown and 2nd State of Decay and Sony is the one with sequelitis?! Lol.

rainslacker430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

I have to shake my head at the premise of this article. It acts like Sony doesn't have more IP's that have resonated and stuck than both of their major competition combined. It has it's share of games that never catch on, or stay within the niche, because that's they kind of games they are, but Sony has tons of highly popular IP's that exist, and they are always trying to find that next big thing.

There is no real way to predict what will be popular. A company could pour tends of millions into marketing, and nothing will come of it for the long term. Other games can barely have any money spent on it, and become instantly popular.

It's just the way it is, and I'd say that Sony already has The Order which has a nice cult following despite it's problems, Until Dawn has a nice little following, DriveClub which could be big if Sony pushed it more, Horizon is looming to be huge, Gravity Rush which has become popular with the remaster and the recently released sequel, All their current popular IP's, the regular games from QD, which aren't a single IP, but generally respected as a whole, Knack is now going to be an ongoing IP(not unlike the platformers of old), Days gone could hit it big in the zombie field, etc.

Sure, Sony has the sequels, but they have plenty of successful games this gen so far. Not all of them caught fire in the way that things like say Uncharted or Gears did last gen, but it's unrealistic to expect them to.

This article is so far off base it's just laughable.

GamingIVfun429d ago

Dumb tittle, Dumb article. Do just a little research, PS4 introduces more new IP than any other console manufacturer even Nintendo, Microsoft being the worst. They all may not do well in sales but they are there.

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DeadSilence431d ago

yeah Infamous didn´t stick, Last of Us and so much more loool clickbait at is finest, ain´t clicking that bs son, you are a terrible journalist.

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Majin-vegeta431d ago

Lol prepare for crappy articles like this.Now that Horizon is on the Horizon for release

431d ago
Veneno430d ago

I smell what you did there ;-)

Apocalypse Shadow431d ago

Don't be a sucker and click... No!... Don't do it. Don't even help them generate 5 cents in advertising. What kind of nonsense is this?

PlayStation fans know better about Sony and its studios.

DMZ_P430d ago

just the article's title is enough for me not to click

subtenko430d ago

especially the description.... anyone who clicks is ignorant and/or cannot think for themselves!

fenome430d ago

Apparently techradar is desperate for clicks and struggling to produce articles that stick.

badz149430d ago

it seems like they are learning from the likes of thisgengaming and gamingbolt on how to click bait

subtenko430d ago

Also, Nintendo and Xbox fans will agree because neither of us need this crap.

Stay in the comment section yall, dont go out, its not safe!

Whirlwind_Fanfare_08431d ago

More like that your desperate for ppl to click on this BS article. LOL