Nioh: Is It Better Than Dark Souls?

Nioh's better mechanics or Dark Souls' deeper themes?

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chrisx429d ago

it makes no sense to compare them, both are amazing in their own ways. totally different games

Sm00thNinja429d ago

Of course we can ompare them their very similar in a lot of regards. We compare Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne. Bloodborne and Nioh despite having contrasting settings are VERY SIMILAR in a ton of aspects.

That being said I LOVED Bloodborne, but right now Nioh has my heart. I'll have to finish it. The ability to make bosses cannon fodder is something that will hurt Nioh in the long run I believe but damn if both of these aren't exclusive to PS4. It's time to start considering as a whole if PS4 > PS2

affrogamer428d ago

As far as overall entertainment value: Bloodborne >/= Nioh > Souls series. That's my personal opinion!

camel_toad427d ago

I'm loving Nioh but as far as my personal preference goes I just like the setting and creature designs better in the Soulsborne games better. Having said that though Nioh might have the edge on the massive variety of combat options.

Seraphim427d ago (Edited 427d ago )

because they are 'difficult' games and because Nioh feeds off the Souls playbook they will be compared.

The one thing I'm surprised no has mentioned, at least I've yet to see, is how Nioh isn't an integrated, open world. One thing that makes the Souls games so incredible is their integrated world that opens as you progress. Every area in the game is connected making it one large map. In Nioh we go from mission to mission via a map. While it's still exciting to explore each area, each mission, I certainly miss the linked world which From Software creates with their Souls games.

In some regards they are similar. Nioh definitely takes parts of Souls while implementing their own ideas and combat is a different setting. End of the day Souls games are phenomenal as is, so far, Nioh.

Sm00thNinja427d ago

Good catch yeah that's another thing souls and Bloodborne have going for them.

opinionated428d ago

Yes. I don't like dark souls but I absolutely adore nioh. Such a fun game.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi428d ago (Edited 428d ago )

I like Nioh more for the following reasons.
-You don't have to dig for the story
-Skills make the combat more interesting.
-It's faster paced
-No genital shaped enemies (so far)

GrubsterBeater428d ago

It sounds like you have some deep seeded insecurities about seeing fallace-like things...

Do you avoid eating hot dogs because someone might get the wrong idea, and you wouldn't want them thinking you're some kind of Mary?

Lol I'm just messing.

gangsta_red428d ago

Digging for the story was one of the best parts of Dark Souls. I forgot the name but there was a youtube guy that broke it down in depth and he was an excellent narrator too.

ColonelHugh428d ago (Edited 428d ago )


I recommend for any Dark Souls fan interested in its world or otherwise confused.

Hell, it's entertaining even if you just want a depressing fantasy story to forget about your day.

gangsta_red428d ago

"a depressing fantasy story"

Exactly! It was very depressing but somehow beautiful at the same time.

sullynathan428d ago

It sure has far better combat mechanics than the souls games which is to be expected from the developers of Ninja Gaiden but it falls behind in nearly every other aspect whether it be graphics, enemy variety, bosses, level design and multiplayer.

This is why I said it wasn't an evolution of the souls formula.

Featuring_Dante428d ago

NG Black/Sigma excels in all those department bar multiplayer, which NG2 got down, but it was laggy.

DashArrivals428d ago

I agree. It does fall behind, but seriously... not by much at all. Hence the awesome scores this game has been getting. That being said, didn't they say they were adding some more multiplayer options later on like PvP etc?

I love Nioh heaps, but I've found it to be a lot easier than Demon's Souls, Dark Souls and Bloodbourne. Still having a lot of fun. Such a great game.

sullynathan428d ago

With the way the coop is set up that's already a problem, now pvp in a future update could be fine but just like dark souls there needs to be a lot of fine tuning for it to work

Helios86427d ago

Exactly, combat is somewhat deeper due to the stances and skills but it's got feck all in regards to everything else.
Story is "ech", atmosphere and general style well again NOTHING compared to Bloodborne and the soundtrack is about as forgettable as they get. But it's really fun on it's on, comparing it to the soulsborne series is doing Nioh a disservice really.

Liqu1d427d ago

It has worse graphics but runs at 60fps, I'll gladly take 60fps over graphics in a game like Nioh. From Software could at least learn how to fix frame pacing issues.

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Perjoss428d ago

I really like them both (and Bloodborne) for different reasons.

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