Is Call of Duty Really Dead?

IM PLAYIN discuss a recent video declaring that 'Call of Duty is Dead', and the future of the franchise as a whole.

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PhoenixUp220d ago

Well RE7 sold less than the previous numbered entry. By that logic does that mean Resident Evil as a whole is a dying franchise?

The_Infected220d ago

RE7 is great. Infinity Warfare is crap. That's my logic.

PhoenixUp220d ago

Yet many enjoyed Infinite Warfare

sullynathan220d ago

@The infected then your logic is stupid

alfcrippinjr219d ago

RE7 sales are still going up to early to tell
but it will do well in japan for sales

dauntingcookie219d ago

Nah, people are holding out until they get their hands on that PSVR.

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220d ago
DivoJones219d ago

I'm not going to defend it as some amazing game, but from a purely sales perspective it was still the top selling console game last year, despite releasing in November. Even considering the whole "Battlefield 1 trailer is the most liked and Infinite Warfare trailer is the most disliked" thing didn't affect that. Sales were down from the previous year, but I'd hardly call the franchise dying.. maybe dying creatively, but not to the point it won't be out every year.

PhoenixUp220d ago

Didn't we already get an article like this a few days ago with the same topic?

A series that consistently still ends up being one of the highest selling games each year cannot even be considered dead.

You wanna know what a dead franchise looks like? Look no further than Medal of Honor.

melons220d ago

Of course it isn't.

Everyone lives in a bubble online. If you don't hear about something that falls within your tailored feeds/news or your social circles, you just assume it's dead.

quent220d ago

Nope, its like cheese, there will always be demand for it

quent219d ago

Most people do including me, but not on everything and not the same type of cheddar over and over again ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.