Star Wars The Force Unleashed now free on Xbox One and Xbox 360 thanks to Xbox Games With Gold

Neil writes "It usually costs £11.99 to download, but for the next two weeks, you can unleash the force as Star Wars: The Force Unleashed becomes free to download."

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oKidUKo665d ago

Used to love this game, but not sure if i'll go back again now.

gitutehe665d ago

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Nu665d ago

When you sell the console this game canbe include

GuruStarr78665d ago

I loved these games too, back when they were released.

However, when I downloaded both of them about a year ago, now, I found a lot of bugs and glitches in the digital versions that I'm sure weren't there when I played them originally on physical.

Hopefully, they've fixed them.

KillBill665d ago

Region locked. Totally annoyed that many x360 games are still region locked. When they have a completely region free game library on xOne.

665d ago