NerdLeaks Published Info About Sony Santa Monica's Cancelled IP

NerdLeaks comes back, with information about Santa Monica Studio's Cancelled IP, thanks to a leak spotted on a former 3d designer website.


NerdLeaks hinted the link to the concept arts with "/wp-content/uploads/2014 /05/"

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MrSec84520d ago

Nerdleaks should have been able to find out the game's name, it's pretty well known among people connected to the project it was called Darkside.

For those wondering why it was cancelled, it was because Sony had invested $100m into the project and it kept missing milestones, was supposed to be ready to show by early 2014, for a Fall 2014 release, but that didn't happen.

Thatguy-310520d ago

Was it suppose to be a destiny type of game?

MrSec84520d ago

I don't think so, not going by what's been said about it.

Shinobi602 said it was an open world action RPG, with a post apocalyptic setting.
I don't think there's been any mention of it being an FPS or any space travel to worlds other than the earth.
There were comments about melee combat, with guns, but that was a feature the studio couldn't get right.

game4funz520d ago

Wow. Had no idea. Did it go under the radar or something?

Shame though but that is business.

MrSec84520d ago

I doubt it, this is SSM, one of Sony's big Studios, for $100m to get spent you're looking at years of work, for that to not come together there was probably a great concept, with interesting ideas that couldn't be made to work as a final game.

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