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Why PlayStation Now Is One Of The Biggest Failures Of The Current Generation

ThisGenGaming says "Earlier today PlayStation announced that their service, PlayStation Now, will be receiving an “update”. However, this update won’t be making any improvements to the service. The Senior Marketing Manager for PlayStation Now has revealed that a lot of devices will be discontinued on the service."

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Very poorly written article
ScreenCritics341d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(0)
more pointless flame bait, this gen will soon have the crown.
madmonkey01341d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(0)
madmonkey01341d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(0)
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After recent wrongfull reports from this site and now this, what can I say? Lets raise the quality bar a bit by blocking this joke of a site.
UltraNova341d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(0)
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Can't tell the difference between data install and a patch. What makes you think you can determine what a failure is.
moegooner88341d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(0)
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Poorly written. Factual mistakes
Bennibop342d ago WhoDisagree(6)Agree(4)
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Community341d ago
The story is too old to be commented.
naruga342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

i called it even before its launch...PS4 needs BC compatibility now!! (always physical .....for PS1 /PS2 at least)

Ghost_of_Tsushima342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

I knew Giakai was a bad purchase for Sony. Game streaming will never be an optimal experience. Lag, image compression, and data caps are all major problems.

Ghost_of_Tsushima342d ago


"in 5 years time it will"

People also said that 5 years ago from today. It's not going to happen. Period.

RpgSama341d ago

They are way ahead of their time with Game Streaming, I can see a market in the future for it, but it's still not there for a multitude of reasons, still kudos for trying and actually succeeding in making it work, even if not a lot of people were using it.

ninsigma341d ago

I still think it was a good purchase. They've still got those servers they can use. And PSNOW was a good idea but poorly implemented. I'm pretty sure game streaming will be back at some point.

game4funz341d ago

Thats not even the big problem with it.

Godmars290341d ago

Not at the price being offered anyway.

Should have been a flat $10-20 monthly/ $120 yearly sub with offerings from three PS console generations, at least.

DarkZane341d ago

@affrohop "in 5 years time it will"

No, sorry, it's a lot further away. Try at least 20 years.

jznrpg341d ago

Never isa silly statement. Currently it s viable but not ideal for all, over time that will change

_-EDMIX-_340d ago

Not necessarily users will always have some sort of disadvantaged based on their internet connection the same could be said about all online connected games

From what I've read from people that have used to service that actually have stable connections is that the concept actually works.

If they're able to generate a respectable stream of income I believe you might see them continue this long until the next generation.

The problems that you brought up only affect select users , you might as well copy and paste that argument about online gaming.

340d ago
City1979340d ago

@Rpgsama How are they way ahead with game streaming. Game streaming was available years before they bought giakai. Even buying an established company couldn't help it succeed.

FinalFantasyFanatic340d ago


Not if you live in Australia, we're half way through building an NBN and I doubt most connections can handle it.

Cogentleman340d ago

As a PSNow user, I can tell you I've beaten many whole games over the service and haven't had any of those issues, or any technical ones, before. It's pretty remarkably well crafted, nobody is giving it a shot for other reasons.

UnHoly_One340d ago

Until somebody figures out how to get near zero latency over a busy internet connection to a server farm 2 states away, game streaming is always going to be a pipe dream.

I remember when Onlive came out and it sounded like such an amazing idea, until I really thought about it and realized it is simply not feasible.

fr0sty340d ago

A lot of the Gaikai tech has been used to improve remote play among other things, so it wasn't a bad deal even if it doesn't go anywhere. However, as network infrastructure improves, the purchase will end up being justified. Those patents will be worth something once there is a good enough network in place to support them. Same with Microsoft and their research into cloud gaming. Ahead of its time, but it will be useful eventually.

Cobra951340d ago

UnHoly_One, clarification: streaming games being as good an experience as local game execution will always be a pipe dream. Lag will always be an issue, even if other problems like lousy compressed video streams are resolved. That will continue to be true for the foreseeable future. We can't increase the speed of electrons over long stretches of wire--which is a very small fraction of the speed of light--and most players will be several hops away from the servers. Unpredictable packet routing and rebroadcast are in the DNA of the internet, and that's never a lagless process.

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2pacalypsenow342d ago

It doesn't need it, it would be nice to have it but it doesn't need it.

game4funz341d ago

Doesnt need 4k or 60 fps would be nice but it doesnt need it.
Doesnt need additional special edition consoles or controllers or external hard drive support etc. etc.

It would be nice I guess...right.

2pacalypsenow341d ago

Ps4 was built to use Ps4 software, BC for Ps1 or Ps2 doesn't directly affect the Ps4. Everything you mentioned affect the Ps4 software directly.

Genuine-User341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Topic aside, this might be one of the most poorly written articles I have read in recent months.

The author fails to explain why he believes PSNow is one of the biggest failures of current-gen.

He fails to explain the issues surrounding game streaming.

He fails to explain why Sony discontinued support for every platform except PC and PS4.

He fails to point out the flaws of PSNow in comparison to other similar services.

The article is full of speculation, fallacious opinions and Xbox BC gloating.

Oh and the website is littered with intrusive and downright offensive ads.

showtimefolks341d ago


Yeah we don't need any of those things you listed. Those are complimentary additions/features

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moegooner88342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

Needs ? Says who ? Want to play old games, keep your old systems, simple as that. PS4 doesn't need BC, it needs exclusive games to justify its existence, and it has plenty of the later.

twiggytree12341d ago

I love how they ignore PS3s that are fully bc with all ps1 discs and nearly every ps2 discs. You can play 4 generations worth of PlayStation games and only have 2 consoles hooked up to your tv.

That's a perfect bc option for me.

mogwaii341d ago

If you are going to try and look smart you need to get the spelling right.

gangsta_red341d ago

"Want to play old games, keep your old systems, simple as that."

Not everyone has the luxury of keeping their old systems for whatever reasons. Not to mention younger generations wouldn't have older consoles anyways.

Plus it's more of a convenience than anything else. Not to mention imagine playing all your old games with the added benefits of the current features of the PS4 like the capture and record options.

moegooner88341d ago


"If you are going to try > , < and look smart > , < you need to get the spelling right."

If you are going to try, and look smart, you need to get the grammar right.

showtimefolks341d ago

As you know originally ps3 had BC and when Sony removed it there wasn't anything major said or done

Than don't revealed that less than 10% of gamers were actually using BC

The only reason it's being looked as a big thing because one console gas it and the other doesn't

While one console offers a lot of new games and exclusive while the other doesn't yet that issue set being raised at all

Did I buy a ps4 to play last gen games no sir I didn't

Last gen towards the end people were saying this gem has been way too long and we need to move forward now all of the sudden we want to play last gen titles

QuarkZ341d ago


"If you are going to try, and look smart, you need to get the grammar right."

Actually you got it wrong too. "Try and" is a substitute of "Try to", so it shouldn't have any comma, same as you don't say "Try to, do something"

Funny, all the grammar and spelling police, and none actually get it right.

_-EDMIX-_340d ago

@twig- I don't think he's ignoring that I think he's simply saying that the PlayStation 4 is selling because of PlayStation 4 games just like the PlayStation 3 was primarily selling because of PlayStation 3 releases.

I'm sorry but after the PlayStation 3 is released I just did not hear years later PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 1 games continuously selling millions of units because of PlayStation 3 users.

The PlayStation 4 outselling the PlayStation 2 in regards to the same time frame of sales is enough to show you that backwards compatibility likely has very little to do with the majority of game purchases

Don't get me wrong it's a great feature but there's very little evidence in regards to sales that a bunch of people are buying systems solely for that purpose of playing older games.

It literally almost begs the question of the purchase of the new platform in the first place if not to actually play new games.

When you have a bunch of systems selling 100 million or 90 million units what have you it's a bit ridiculous to believe that any substantial number of those users only wish to purchase the new platform to get the ability to play a platform they already possibly own.

It would be nice to have some sort of emulation of PlayStation 3 but that's even difficult even for PC I believe it was largely more important for Sony to have a easier infrastructure than it was to mimic the PlayStation 3 just to give users another system they might already own.

Sorry buddy but if it's a choice between a whole lot of new games and the ability to play something I already own I'm always going to choose new games for all you know adding in the PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4 possibly could have resulted in them losing support by developers because of out difficult to sell architecture was they just could not use that architecture a second time.

The feature is convenient but trust me it's not determining my purchase in any way shape or form.

Games like Horizon zero Dawn are reasons people purchase a PlayStation 4 not simply the ability to play something they already have.

moegooner88340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

@Quarkz. English isn't my first language and I learned most of my grammar skills from the likes of Charles Dickens. I am gonna guess he knew his grammar well.

" I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future."

Looks familiar?

andibandit340d ago

Seriously this keep your old systems is just a total hassle. Just finding the right input on the tv is a 50/50 gamble with anything before 2000, and its not exactly gonna get better. Let me guess I should buy converters for each of my old systems...yeah thats gonna look so pleasing to the eye.

XanderZane340d ago

The only problem is thereis only one PS3 game console that can play all the PS2 and PS1 games and it's the FAT 60GB PS3, which is no longer for retail sale. Luckily I own one and it still works perfectly, even though I had to have the Blu-Ray drive replaced cause it stopped working for PS2 games. The current PS3's on the market will only run PS1 b/c games.

MagicBeanz340d ago

I bought a new console to play new games not old ones Ive already played years ago, but that's just me.

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boomtube1987341d ago

BC > Game Streaming. Sony should have rather invested in Dedicated servers, AAA games for PS Plus or Backwards Compatibility. Gaikia was a failure.

bluefox755341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

I don't think so, I think they would do better just letting us purchase ps1 and ps2 games from the store (and preferably devising a system that would let them carry over to the next gen as well). I mean, how many people really still have ps1/ps2 discs? Can't be more than 1% of PS4 owners. As far as ps3 games, I couldn't care less, I would still play those on my PS3 even if my PS4 were BC.

DashArrivals341d ago

I've said this before and I'll say this again. THE MAJORITY do not care about BC. No one wants to play old games, especially when the current gen games are flooding people's backlogs. I've got about 20 current gen games that I still must play. NO ONE CARES FOR BC. Majority don't care. Never have.

trooper_340d ago

Agreed. I have my PS4 to play new games. I still have my PS3.

Sparta07341d ago

PS4 does not NEED BC compatibility, not at all...
they are focused on exclusives and that's what is going to sell consoles not BC.
That's why they are in the lead 😎

showtimefolks341d ago


No it doesn't need it just stop it

It would be a nice feature to have but not needed

COMMENT-OF-THE-YEAR340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

Don't forget Kinect!

AnubisG340d ago

The thing with PSNow is that it was seen as a good business decision to give backwards compatibility to people who wanted to play PS3 games on PS4. What Sony does not realize is that most of the planet does not have fast enough internet connection to make this service enjoyable. Plus the crazy price for this service was in my opinion outrageous. Just to play games I have in my collection, I was forced to pay a fee or just keep my PS3. So I kept my PS3 instead. In a perfect world, there would be a PS4 Pro that is capable of playing PS1-PS4 games that you already own and it can also play 4K blu-ray movies but as we can see Sony is betting on a digital only future now. A future where you don't get to own movies and games. A future where you get a license to watch movies or play games which can be taken away from you at any moment without notice. That is what Sony is betting on because they came make a lot more money. Just look at PSN peices for games vs disc based games in 3-4 months after release. On PSN most games are $59.99 even a year after release. On disc the same game can be purchased for $40 3-4 months after release. Sony can also skip the "middle-man" if they go full digital. Disc printing companies, delivery services, retailers can all be cut out of the pie and the full profit goes to Sony and the developers. So, it is a business decision however wrong it is. It's just too early for a service like PS Now. Maybe they can revisit this idea in 10-15 years, maybe even 20.

XanderZane340d ago

I'm sure it has made some money for Sony, but definitely not as much as they had hoped or they wouldn't have removed it from all those other devices. Now it's only on PC and PS4. It's pretty irrelevant to me. I'll never use it. They finally offered a year fee of $99, which seems like too much for a game streaming service. I thought it should be no more then $50 a year, like PSPlus was. I honestly think they will kill the service completely before the PS5 launches. Playstation Vue will probably be the next thing to go.

Dragonscale340d ago

BC or new ip's? Hmmm difficult question /s

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KratosSony342d ago

I can also give you 20 reasons why thisgengaming is a failure when it comes to video game sites

Nyxus342d ago

Man, someone should proofread these articles before they get posted to N4G. Just look at this:

"So where Sony has PlayStation Now to allow gamers to play old games on their current gen consoles, Microsoft has a dedicated backwards compatibility program. Since Microsoft is dedicated to their backwards compatibility program on Xbox One, it is much better overall. One way the backwards compatibility program is much better than PlayStation Now is that it runs games much better."

moegooner88342d ago

Reads like it was written by a second grade kid.

TheColbertinator341d ago


Stay in school everyone. Then someday perhaps you will all be respected writers such as myself

Loktai341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Laughable comparison. Ask how that MS backward compatability runs 360 games on handhelds, and PCs.. PSNOW was never meant to be a BC solution per se, it was meant to repurpose the ps3 platform into an accessible casual experience and enable those who don't have the console or those who don't have the interest in building a collection of games to try those games. It was a good idea, but it replaces phsycal games about a's well as Netflix replaces bluray... that is to say, like shit. Total shit. Netflix blows in comparison to physical but is convenient and instant gratification - that is the market Sony was going for with gaming and didn't manage to grab.

DivoJones341d ago

Reminds me of an English essay assignment where you need to use more than x amount of words.

URNightmare341d ago

That was hilarious! LMFAO!!

fenome341d ago

That is just pathetic, you can tell they put more thought into the headline than trying to emphasize the reasons they came to this conclusion. It's just sad really, they might as well just make clickbait headlines and then when you click over it just says "Because we said so."

Integrity and work ethic are as hard to find as common sense nowadays, oh how far we've come...

trooper_340d ago

As an English major, I cringed at that.

rainslacker340d ago

Funny thing is, PSNow actually plays games just fine. Plus, it's not a BC solution, nor does it even require PS hardware, although the options have become more limited now.

Deadpooled340d ago

After asking TGGJustin if anyone proofread on that poorly written and structured paragraph, the response? "I didn't write it". If he doesn't care about the quality of the articles on TGG then why should the rest of us?

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Overload342d ago

Does Kinect ring a bell? It was bundled in without the option to buy an Xbox One without one. That was a much bigger failure than this.

With that said, I'm glad PlayStation is going to stop wasting their time with PS Now.

daBUSHwhaka342d ago

Your hate for Xbox amuses me so much..

Overload342d ago

I don't hate anything. Kinect was a bigger failure than PS Now was is what I'm saying, being mandatory and now not being utilized is a bigger deal than an optional streaming service. Do you disagree?

DeadlyOreo341d ago

Your Xbox defense will not stop Kinect being any less of a failure daBUSHwhaka. It's a terrible failure, but I'd say the biggest failure by a mile this gen was Microsoft's initial plan for the Xbox One (DRM/digital). They must have lost a ridiculous amount of money changing all that around.

Sm00thNinja341d ago

Ok let's at least be honest Overload. You hate Xbox. That being said as much as I like certain things about Kinect it is a bigger failure. I can still use PSNOW on PS4 which I subscribe to regularly.

Overload341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

I own an Xbox 360 and a Wii U. Does that count for anything? At this point I don't see the value in the Xbox One, if I did I would buy one like I bought the 360. I'm not alone, obviously.

game4funz341d ago

You can still use kinect as well.

Sm00thNinja341d ago

@Overload that's fine that's your opinion but you dislike the Xbox ONE that was a correct statement

danny818341d ago

Gakai was bought for $380 million. Stop trolling

Overload341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Microsoft to spend over $1 billion on Kinect and Phone 7 marketing

You were saying?

That is not even including R&D.

FanMan341d ago

and what? you dont think there was some R&D costs with Kinect? its not like they just released it one day with no cost.

game4funz341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

No it wasn't a bigger failure...How did it fail exactly?
The camera and voice commands are working as intended and it is still sold separately.

What is the failure?

Did the xbox one with kinect not sell millions before it was unbundled? What exactly failed.

Now...if you said that the always online idea that MS had, failed more then psnow, then yes you would be correct. One released the other did not.