Six Games To Play On Your Switch After You Finish Zelda

The latest entry in Nintendo’s universally adored saga of adventure is the only justifiable reason to drop the cash for a Switch on day one. Judging by the game’s seemingly impossible scope, hype, and ambition – it’ll fill many an hour. But at some point, the credits will roll on Link’s latest story. But that doesn’t mean your Switch will be collecting dust as it waits for Splatoon 2. To the contrary, it should see daily life – thanks to these underexposed upcoming releases.

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earlygreenway402d ago

Shovel Knight never gets old and I would be stoked to play some Binding of Isaac on the go.

401d ago
jaymacx401d ago

yeah those are solid choices. Sometimes we hear negative chatter "oh its a bunch of Indies" but these games on the list on this article don't feel like indies.. Snake Pass is from the same devs that brought us Sonic Racing Transformed... Fast RMX is like double the content of Fast Racing NEO (German Dev with major talent).

CocoaBrother402d ago

I'm currently looking at Bomberman, Puyo Puyo, Shovel Knight, Fast Racing RMX, and SnipperClips.

Snakepass might be an interesting game and I'll definitely keep an eye on it. David Wise doing the music is a big bonus

wonderfulmonkeyman401d ago

I'm considering Dragon Quest, personally. Just dunno which one yet...

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

It one game though. 1+2 on one cartridge or digital

397d ago
cberg25402d ago

Puyo Puyo Tetris is going to keep my Switch in use for a good long while.

chris235401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

the only game that would make me buy a switch would be ark survival evolved. but i guess the hardware would just drop dead if someone tried to port it. so, no. everything else i already got on pc/ps4. gaming core games on the go i really can't see me doing.

oh, and that new zelda everybody and their mother is drooling upon: we played these kind of games like 5-10 years ago. the world moved on. i am not impressed by what i am seeing.

397d ago
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