Here's How Long Prey's Campaign Takes to Beat

How long will it take you to escape Talos I?

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Link2DaFutcha396d ago

Let me save you a click: 16 to 22, 20 hours

Ashunderfire86396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

Yea cause that ridiculous Ad on the website! I can't see on my phone lol Thank you.

opinionated396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

Nice. If it really has a bioshock vibe then I'm getting hype. It was in my 2nd tier hype but the more I hear, the better it sounds. I wish they would just release the demo to the public instead of making us rely on the press to accurately describe something. I had never heard of bioshock until I played the demo and I played it about 15 times before the game came out. That ended up being my favorite game of all time. Release more demos!

jznrpg396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

Sounds pretty good !with so much to play on my PS4 , this wont be day1 for me but I will grab it at some point.