Did God Of War 4's Voice Actor Seemingly Confirm A 2017 Release For The Game?

There was an info regarding God of War 4 that was remarkably hiding in plain site , and yet none of us noticed it for so long

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generic-user-name248d ago

They may be 'aiming' for 2017, but they won't announce a date until they know for sure (which seems to be their new policy and I like it a lot). That means that nobody knows, not even this voice actor.

Overload248d ago (Edited 248d ago )

I agree. But the idea of it, gets me hype.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen248d ago

I'm betting on an October 2017 release.

bloop247d ago

E3 conference: "And available now to download on PSN."
Ha, if only!!

Goldby247d ago

Short 10 second video.

Black screen, kratos walks across from left to right, carrying a dead scorpion.

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bouzebbal248d ago

Nothing to do with a release date. Media is really shameful.
2017 is the year the guy's contract ends, it's as simple as this.
God of War will be out Q1 next year

KOIMOJO247d ago

Agreed, most likely March, just like every other mainline God of War game. March is the God of Wars month guys. They aren't going to fuck up that cool pattern they started now.

Travis3708249d ago

If we get GOW 4 in 2017 this will without a doubt be Sony's best year!

masterfox248d ago (Edited 248d ago )

imo is already Sony best year ;)

PhoenixUp249d ago

The game isn't coming this year

Kurisu248d ago

But we can hope! I can wait, though. So many other games to play.

Silly gameAr248d ago

Yeah, I doubt it will come this year too, sadly.

OB1Biker248d ago (Edited 248d ago )

Nothing is for sure but it's very possible it's released this year. I do believe it will but then it's just how I feel it,
Besides with of course the shooting done etc it seems on track.

Silly gameAr248d ago (Edited 248d ago )

It's just a feeling. It seems like we would be getting more info on the game or know a little more about it, but SSM hasn't shared any info. They've been supper tight lipped about everything to do with GOW4. They could be waiting for E3 to give us anything though, so I guess there's a good chance it could still come this year.

Plus, there is already so much dropping this year that I think they might be saving GOW 4 for early next year.

Rimeskeem248d ago

We should know at E3 2017

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