Final Fantasy VII Remake Battle System Base Now 'Solidified' - What This Means

Developers at Square Enix appear to be teasing more of Final Fantasy VII Remake to its fans. This time, it's on the game's new combat system.

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OmnislashVer36664d ago

Like we already didn't know they were solidifying a new battle system. They showed us a trailer.

Now if it were already solidified(past tense), that would mean the game was progressing, which was what I thought this article was about, but it's just autistic nonsense about the battle system being updated again. We've known that for a year now.

mikeslemonade664d ago

One thing we know is the battle system is wrong. It should be turn based not this clunnkh style action rpg.

Cryptcuzz663d ago

IMO, I don't care if its turn-based or not, as long as its done properly and have key parts of the original battle system (materia, limit breaks)

As long as there isn't random battles though. I really enjoy the turn-based battle system in world of final fantasy, but after awhile, I remembered how tedious random encounters can be.

664d ago
Bahamut664d ago

I'll play this game, because as a FFVII fan, I'm basically obligated, but I know I'm going to be disappointed with the combat system. I've already accepted that. A newer, quick, updated version of the original combat system would have been better in my opinion, but my opinion is biased, because FFVII is my favorite game. So don't listen to me! I don't know wtf I'm talking about.

Nu664d ago

A Chrono Trigger Tech system would be welcome.

rainslacker664d ago (Edited 664d ago )

I'll give it a chance before judgement. I'm not opposed to different genres of gameplay. I just hope they capture the same magic that made FFVII so great in the first place, and to me, that magic wasn't the combat system....which I thought was good, but not magic. I have some hope after FFXV, because I actually really enjoyed the combat once I figured it out. I can't imagine how great a similar style, with more options, and a Materia system could make it better. Just hope they don't screw up the magic and make it as simplistic as they did in FFXV....and of course, they'll have to keep the epic summons.

txboy05663d ago

Idk if you played FF15 but the combat system was the best part of the game. I think some of yall might be surprised how fun it is I truly enjoyed it.

Bahamut663d ago (Edited 663d ago )

FFXV's combat system was stylish, but weak and shallow compared to its predecessors. If FFVII's is anything like it, it will be very disappointing.

txboy05660d ago

Weak and shallow how ? There were a ton of different combinations to use if you knew how to use it right. Noct had a lot of moves and 13 different weapons how is that shallow ? The only thing it lacked was magic which i found myself not even using or needing anyway.

feraldrgn664d ago (Edited 664d ago )

See you in 9 years for the complete experience.

Artemidorus664d ago

Just give us a timeframe we are likely to see more content and a rough date to realase.

Already guessing it's 2018.

OmnislashVer36664d ago

Betting as well. I'm sure this game will go on into the PS5 lifespan and get resolution/fps updates as the game comes out(but still play fine on PS4). I'd guess something like 2018-2021 for the full game as it comes out.

OmnislashVer36663d ago

@Disagrees seriously? It's very likely the game will come out 2018 or later.